The Cooper School is seeking a  highly qualified second grade teacher. The strongest applicants will have experience teaching an integrated, project based curriculum. They will be familiar with process reading and writing workshops and constructivist math theories and practice. They will be able to manage materials and individualize instruction. They will have a deep respect for young children. They will have the desire and ability to educate the whole child, including social, emotional, academic and physical realms. In addition, the strongest applicants will be comfortable in a dynamic, rigorous learning environment where they are facilitating the learning of young children and charting their own learning. They will be comfortable in a coaching environment with their teaching peers and team teaching. They will have exceptional classroom management skills and be able to manage large groups of children. They will have excellent communication skills with children, parents and peers. Before you apply, review our website, www.thecooperschool.org., to see if there is a good match between our philosophy and your own. Know that this job is extremely rewarding and demanding. Every employee of The Cooper School must be a team player willing to help with whatever is needed inside and outside of the classroom. After-hours work is required and only those committed to ongoing professional reflection and growth as an educator need apply. This job is magnificent, but only if you are dedicated to your own growth as a professional, committed to the growth of children and comfortable with frequent communication with colleagues and parents.

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Why I Teach… By: Kelly Porter

I grew up in a family of educators. Therefore even as a young child, I knew I would be an elementary school teacher. I dreamed of teaching in my own classroom one day. I wanted to foster a love of learning by creating a classroom where students would feel free to take risks and accept challenges. My dream became a reality and I began teaching in public schools. I taught with very talented and well-educated instructors….

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