​The Cooper School is a private, independent, non-sectarian school that values the participation of families from diverse backgrounds. Founded in 2007, The Cooper School is a 501(c) 3 non-profit institution. The Cooper School offers an exceptional holistic education for children grades K-5. Academic excellence, stewardship of the environment, activity, and creativity are hallmarks of the Cooper School Curriculum.

Mystery Writers! February 23, 2018

Mystery Drama

 5th Grade readers have finished their mystery book clubs and the fun has only just begun! Book clubs worked together to write their own mystery play! Your writing detectives worked with their group to describe their main character, describe the setting, say what was stolen, write clues including some red herrings, add in a climax, and then let your reader solve the mystery. On Monday, students will perform their mystery to the class. Ask your child what their mini mystery was about!


This week, your mathematicians completed their unit on negative and positive numbers and exponents. We used cash and debt cards to reinforce the idea of positive and negative numbers and helped with addition and subtraction of those numbers. Students learned to associate terms such as “in the hole”, “down” and “in the red” with negative numbers. They learned to associate terms such as “in the black”, “in excess of” and “over” with positive numbers. Your thinkers discovered that subtracting a positive or negative number is the same thing as adding the opposite of that number. This helped as they worked through more difficult subtraction problems.  

Art Explorations

Students completed their final week of Art Explorations on Tuesday. Art students worked on self-portraits and Greek vases. Music students practiced their songs for SOA auditions and for graduation. Writing students completed poetry and their stories for middle school applications. Students enjoyed this experience focusing on one discipline with a small group.


Africa Talk with Ms. Kotz! 

 Students played Mancala during morning meeting. Mancala is played in many East African countries. 

Important Dates

March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th– Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break

Different Cultures

Guest Speaker

This week, Third Graders got to learn all about the South Korean culture from Aubrey’s family. With Aubrey being ¼ Korean, and her mom ½ Korean, Aubrey ‘s grandfather was born and raised in South Korea. We were lucky that he came for a visit just in time to talk to the class about his culture. Students were already familiar with some South Korean facts due to the Winter Olympics. They were most excited to learn about food customs and to taste some delicious food that was brought in to share. Thank you to Aubrey’s family for this special treat!


Geometry was the focus this week and we learned all about shapes, lines, and angles. Students have been working on identifying lines, line segments, and rays as well as parallel and intersecting lines. They then applied these to polygons. When Third Graders found out that “poly” means “many” and “gons” means “angles” they excitedly put it together that “polygon” means “many angles”. This led to conversations and explorations of triangles, quadrangles and more. They are now working on identifying angles as more or less than 90 degrees or 180 degrees. This is big work!


Third Graders are gearing up for our Asia Presentation on Monday, February 26. They were especially excited when we had an “Asia” day and got to work on lots of different projects. At the end of the day they were able to reflect on the fact that even though we didn’t follow our typical schedule, we still worked in all the subject areas. The day was filled with lots of reading and writing, tinkering and building, centers and exploration. The big (and fun) math we did was creating a timeline of student topics, spanning 10,000 years and covering the BC and AD eras.

Important Dates

  • Monday, February 26th                    Asia Presentation, 8:15
  • Monday, March 5th                            Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, March 6th                           Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Another Week of Magic!

Polar Presentation

This week, First Grade Polar Experts were able to share all of their hard work with their favorite audience during their Polar Presentation. Scholars proudly shared their research about a unique Arctic-dwelling animal, with their families. From there, First Grade scholars took their parents on a tour of writing, showing all they know about the Arctic’s indigenous people, the Inuit. Parents were able to make discoveries about Inuit food, shelter, clothing and transportation, and how these things have changed over time. Families enjoyed exploring Inuit-inspired art projects including: mini Inuksuit, snow goggles, soap carvings and more! Interactive centers allowed students to guide their families in building igloos out of sugar cubes and comparing Inuit grocery store prices to the prices that we pay here in Charleston. This was such a special day for First Grade friends!


 First Grade Readers took a closer look at Cynthia Rylant’s unique and diverse characters during Reading Workshop this week. These brave readers were introduced to the idea of personification! First Graders discovered that when characters who are animals or inanimate objects are given human qualities, they have been personified. Ask your brave reader what they learned about personification this week!

 Math Explorations

 This week First Grade Mathematicians investigated pattern blocks to develop readiness for fractions, practiced addition facts, and compared various triangle shapes during their math explorations day. During their hands-on pattern block explorations, scholars used concrete materials to help visualize and explain fractions as equal parts of a collection. Next, First Grade Mathematicians worked in partnerships using random number generators to generate and solve addition fact problems, record sums, and tally the number of odd and even sums. Finally, to further investigate the different shapes of triangles, students formed triangles using geoboards and given specifications. Math exploration days are always a First Grade crowd-pleaser!

Important Dates


March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th             –  Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break

Village News and More

Cooper Village Construction

        Buildings are going up and our community is really starting to come together. Villagers have been busy planning the aesthetics of their business and city grid. Students have really matured these past few weeks while learning how to negotiate with their group and work together to solve tough problems. Our cartons are glued and were also painted this week. Villagers started adding our eco-friendly building materials after the paint dried and the results are magnificent! Next week we will start planning and building our houses and adding some props to the village streets and parks.

Words for the Wise

         Our vocabulary words this week were very challenging and our students tackled them with grace and ease. The words came from a great story called Montezuma’s Revenge about a dog planning revenge on his family for leaving him at home while they vacationed at the beach. During one lesson, students acted out words like “mesmerized” and “misery”. One day students drew a picture of something that “frustrated” them and a time when they felt “regret”. We did not even have to “coax” them into working hard, it just came natural for these Second Grade scholars.

Math Enrichment

         We have been slowly adding some really challenging, hands-on puzzles and manipulatives to test our mathematicians each morning. Students are now working in small groups to complete multiplication puzzles, Sudoku-type number problems, and division number stories once they complete their daily journal work. Each day brings a new challenge and the students are then asked to write and explain their math strategies using new vocabulary.

Important Dates:  

Student Led Conferences                       March 5th and 6th – Early Release                                                                11:30 Dismissal

Silent Auction                                         March 8th

Cooper Village Presentation                    March 12th


Australian Animals, Adaptations, and Assessment


Students split into biome groups and began researching the animals that live in that biome. The focus of the research was to learn more about the animal, with specific attention on the adaptations they have in order to survive in their biome. Australian animals have many unique adaptations, specifically marsupials with their baby pouches. We will continue to study more about these animals next week!


Animal Adaptations

We began a new reading unit this week all about animal adaptations.  This is a nonfiction unit focused on reading for information and answering complex questions about the text. The big idea of this unit is to learn more about the connection between animals and their environments, especially how internal and external structures, including senses, work to support animal species’ survival in their specific habitat. The essential question that all of the articles relate to is: “How are animals’ physical characteristics and behaviors reflections of their environment?” This week, students have explored the differences between physical characteristics and behavior as they relate to adaptations. They have also looked at how adaptations are a result of evolution that happens over long periods of time.




In preparation for the March student-led conferences, scholars have begun the process of assessing their growth in Fourth Grade. During conferences, each student will discuss their strengths, goals that they would like to accomplish, and what interests them. This week, students selected sample work from Math and thought deeply about what it represented. They wrote about what they enjoy, and what they excel in doing. Next, scholars reflected on their reading progress. They selected a “Just Right” book and wrote reasons why they chose that particular book. Stay tuned for student-led conferences coming in March!


Important Dates:

Rebels and Redcoats                             Tuesday, Feb. 27th  

Student Led Conferences                     March 5th and 6th – Early Release                                                                        

                                                                   11:30 Dismissal

Silent Auction                                         Thursday, March 8th

Silent Auction February 22, 2018

Join us at the 2018 Silent Auction!

March 8th

The Schoolhouse
(720 Magnolia Road)

Tickets are $40
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The Newman Family           The Inabinette Family


Butler Derrick with Carriage Properties

Social Studies, Singing and Self-Assessment Scholars! February 16, 2018

Social Studies: Africa

5th Graders have begun another Social Studies unit on Africa. Students have been researching on iPads and using an atlas to locate geographic features, the biomes, and the 53 countries on the continent of Africa. This week students researched the indigenous Tuareg tribe and completed culture cards to identify their food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and culture.

Check out of classroom african homepage:


Valentine’s Concert

Thank you so much for joining us at The Circular Church on Wednesday for the Valentine’s Concert. Your musicians blow me away every time. The talent that is in our class is astounding. Their ability to play instruments, sing solos in front of large crowds with confidence, and harmonize with others is unmatched. You should be very proud of their efforts and accomplishments!



In preparation for the March student-led conferences, your learners have been working hard on the process of assessing their work. During conferences, each student will share with you what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what their interests are in Math, Reading, Writing, and Specials. This week, your students spent time writing out how to teach you an important math skill they have learned. They will teach you this skill during the conference. Ask your child what they do really well at school!

Important Dates

February 16th -19th – February Break

March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th– Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break

Fun Loving Week of Music and Friends

Valentine’s Day in Grade Two

     On Wednesday, students exchanged kind words and clever knick-knacks. Second Graders have been driven for the past few weeks to learn the importance of positive praise and compliments. In Morning Meetings this week, we have discussed how to form and think of meaningful and personal praise. Our Compliment Books were a huge success and we could see them beaming with joy as they read nice things about themselves. Later in the day, we made multiplication arrays with cut-out hearts and wrote a creative writing piece about a helpful “Love-Bot” that showed up at our doorstep, and would do anything that we loved or asked him to do. The concert at The Circular Church was just icing on the cake. Hearts squeezed tight when the first notes of, “Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke, filled the hall. What an amazing display of talent and love for the fine arts.


Cooper Village Update

     This week we finally broke ground in Cooper Village!! Businesses were designed and planned and students were introduced to the “green” side of construction and conservation. Second Grade friends learned about insulation, flooring, paint, solar panels, and triple-paned windows. Groups negotiated and worked together until they created a plan that everyone agreed upon and that met the criteria of our building codes. Each group then designed their 32” x 32” village allotment grid where students planned where their businesses, roads, houses, and parks would be. Negotiation was key here while students learned a valuable lesson about needs versus wants.



     The Cooper School introduced balls this week on the playground and Grade 2 was ecstatic! Mr. Davis has been coaching the students on the playground classic sport of kickball. More importantly, have been our discussions of fair play and sportsmanship. After each round of play, students have been encouraged to speak with their teammates and opponents using kind words and gestures. This went perfectly hand-in-hand with our discussions about compliment giving and meaningful praise. Emotions can run high when competitive play is introduced. Students are really trying to control their emotions, use kind words, and show great sportsmanship!

Important Dates:

February Break/No School                      Friday, February 16th & Monday ,February 19th

Student Led Conferences                        Monday, March 5th & Tuesday, March 6th

                                                                      11:30 Dismissal 


A Week Full of Love

Kindergarteners Prepare for Self-Assessments

Kindergarten scholars have been so very hard at work as they prepare for their self-assessment meetings next week! Kindergarteners have been learning the art of evaluating their own learning in each subject area. They have worked hard to take an honest look at how they feel about their learning and rating their feelings in each area. These brave and proud scholars are ready to share all of their hard work with you. They have become 113 days smarter and have so many ways to show you! Ask your Kindergartener what they have enjoyed the most about their self-assessments!

Valentine’s Day  

Loving Kindergarteners spent this special day passing out Valentines, listening to special holiday books, and showing love and kindness to all. The day ended with a beautiful concert at The Circular Church. TCS students sounded angelic as they sang songs together for this delightful occasion.

Shared Reading 

This week Kindergarteners participated in a shared reading activity based on the book, Where Do Animals Live? Kindergarteners read the book fluently, discussed non-fiction text features, learned new word vocabulary, and the different places animals can live.

Important Dates:

  • February 16th –February 19th No School
  • Monday, February 26 Found Objects For Miss Kerry are Due
  • Friday, March 2nd Biome Fashion Show @2:15
  • Thursday, March 8th Silent Auction 6pm-9pm

Spreading Joy

Valentine’s Day Concert

The Cooper School tradition of having a Valentine’s Day Concert continues to warm our hearts and spread joy on this day of celebrating love. Students were excited to share their hard work and show off their singing and musical skills. Miss Hazel continues to amaze as she guides groups of students through learning recorders, strings, solos and group coordination. The smiles on the parents and students alike made our day!

Reading Buddies

Valentine’s Day also brought Third Graders joy through shared reading. Students buddied up with First Grade to read books about love, friendship and joy. Third Graders were impressed with the reading skills of their First Grade friends and enjoyed the shared experience.




Compliment Books

Another TCS tradition for Valentine’s Day is sharing Compliment Books. Leading up to this, students have been working to write a kind and thoughtful compliment for each of their friends in the class. These are then assembled into a book for each student, full of these kind words from their friends. Third Graders couldn’t decide if they liked the giving or the receiving of these cards more. Either way, they spread joy throughout the classroom as students read what their friends had written.



As our Asia Study continues, Third Graders worked together to build a model of the country of China out of salt dough. This model will be the base and centerpiece for our class presentation on Monday, February 26th. Now, Third Graders are busy planning their small models to add to this map to show where their research topics take place in the country of China.







Important Dates

  • Friday, February 16th                       February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 19th                    February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 26th                    Asia Presentation, 8:15
  • Monday, March 5th                           Student-Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, March 6th                           Student-Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal



Silent Auction

Join us at the 2018 Silent Auction!

March 8th from 6pm-9pm at The Schoolhouse

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