​The Cooper School is a private, independent, non-sectarian school that values the participation of families from diverse backgrounds. Founded in 2007, The Cooper School is a 501(c) 3 non-profit institution. The Cooper School offers an exceptional holistic education for children grades K-5. Academic excellence, stewardship of the environment, activity, and creativity are hallmarks of the Cooper School Curriculum.

Summer Break Here We Come!! June 3, 2018

Saying Goodbye to our Fifth Grade Buddies

On Tuesday morning, we had the opportunity to get together with the rest of the school to watch the Fifth Graders practice their special performances for graduation. Kindergarteners delighted in hearing their friends sing various songs, play instruments, read poems, and share their artistic abilities.

On Thursday, Kindergarteners had so much fun playing with bubbles, taking pictures, playing games, and enjoying treats while celebrating our fabulous Fifth Graders. It was a great party.

We Have Word Power

Kindergarteners have been busy all year learning lots of new words every week during our vocabulary curriculum. Since the beginning of the year, your kindergartener has learned a total of 131 words to expand their vocabulary in speech and in their writing. This is amazing and we hope that they take this new knowledge, put it into their hippocampus and have it for a lifetime. Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite vocabulary words were.

Fourth Grade Buddies

On Wednesday, we paired up with our Fourth Grade buddies to read books outside under the trees. It was a beautiful peaceful morning of reading and sharing stories with friends.

Fourth Grade buddies then ate lunch together, played Thunder Tag, and Kindergarteners got to show their Fourth Grade buddy a special game or activity that they love the most. Kindergarteners loved bonding with these buddies and are thrilled for them to be Fifth Graders next year.

Last Days in Fourth Grade June 2, 2018


There is a bittersweet feeling to finishing a good book. Fourth Graders experienced that this week as they finished reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. The book’s unique characters, along with its magical twist set in the real world, appeal to readers of all ages. Fourth Graders loved being able to watch the characters come to life in the BFG movie! Students loved watching the movie and noticing the similarities and differences between the book and movie.

Wrapping Up the Year

It is hard to believe that the year is coming to the end. With everything going on, the students took some time out of their hectic schedule to think about everything they have accomplished, experienced, and learned this year. This week in Morning Meeting, students reflected on their hopes, dreams, and their Fourth Grade year. Scholars talked about all the growth that occurred through achievements and challenges. They shared some of their proudest moments and their accomplishments. Each student chose one or two words that they thought summed up their year. Then looking ahead, they shared the things they looked forward to in Fifth Grade.


This was a wonderful week to celebrate Fifth Grade friends at The Cooper School. On Tuesday, Fourth Graders enjoyed supporting Fifth Graders as they practiced their graduation performances for the entire school. The Fifth Graders are so talented! They performed vocal solos, played instruments, read beautiful poetry, and more. On Thursday, Cooper School friends were thrilled to participate in The Cooper School’s graduation party, complete with a victory arch for the graduates, strawberry shortcake for everyone, a photo booth, and compliment chains for the graduates. It was such a splendid way to celebrate our friends in Fifth Grade.

Celebrating a Beautiful Year! June 1, 2018

Closing the Year with Community

First Graders spent time this week engaging in community building activities to wrap up their school year. Our week was filled with favorite math games, plans for ways to fill buckets as Second Graders, Appreciation Circles, and so much more! Scholars chose their favorite math games from First Grade and enjoyed reviewing math skills each day. First Graders made plans for themselves and shared ways to continue living the life of a bucket filler. These thoughtful friends spent time observing their peers and shared ways that they noticed others showing love and kindness throughout our school day. We love this class to bits and their community bond continues to shine brightly!







Honoring Fifth Grade Friends

This was a magical week to celebrate Fifth Grade friends at The Cooper School! Scholars enjoyed supporting Fifth Graders as they practiced their graduation performances. Cooper School friends were thrilled to participate in The Cooper School’s graduation party, complete with a victory arch for the graduates, strawberry shortcake for everyone, a photo booth, and compliment chains for the Graduates. It was such a lovely way to celebrate our Fifth Grade friends’ last days at TCS.

Sending Well Wishes to Our Class Pet

First Grade zoologists sent Jackaroo well wishes this week as we prepared her for her summer vacation. Jackaroo enjoyed sunbathing, feasting on super worms, and resting in her clean habitat. Students shared hopes and dreams for Jackaroo’s next school year. Happy summer everyone!  

The End of Third Grade

State Study

This has been a fantastic final week of Third Grade! Students continued to work hard, learn lots, and have fun until the very last minute. Students presented their State Study presentation on their second state this week. Students had to choose a different presentation type than they did the first time and present their state from the west. Once again, we had iMovies, trifold boards, and 3D models to teach the class about each state. We also enjoyed a couple more songs that were revised to give information about the state. This was a super fun project to end the year!


We started the year by measuring ourselves and saving a ribbon that was cut to that length in an envelope. For months, they’ve been waiting for us. This week, we finally pulled them out. Students once again worked together to measure how tall each person is now. They then cut a string to that length and then got to measure it against their original string. Third Graders were excited to see how much they’ve grown this year! We used this information to collect some data about how much Third Graders grew this year. Not to miss a teachable moment, we found the important data points, including maximum, minimum, range, median, and mode. We even talked about a how to find the average. We discovered that Third Graders grew an average of 2 and a half inches this year!

Field Day

The Cooper School tradition of having the newly graduated Fifth Graders host the Field Day activities is beloved by all. Third Graders had a blast taking part in each of the unique and creative games the Fifth Graders put on for the students. This year’s theme was the continents and each activity was designed around one continent. Students were even delighted to have delicious Pelican Snoballs, too!


Summer Time

Saying Goodbye

Second Grade has been busy wrapping up the year and saying our goodbyes, for now. Each day during Morning Meeting, we have been sharing what we are excited to do this summer. Here are some of their answers: “Going to see my grandparents”, “baseball camp”, “sleepovers”, “moving to Virginia”, and “trips to the library with my mom”.  We sure are going to miss our sweet students, but they definitely have earned a long, relaxing break with their family and friends.

Field Day

This year’s Field Day was one for the books!! Cooper School students were grouped with students from all grades to have a little fun and play some competitive games created by our Fifth Grade friends. Some of the student favorites included Ping-Pong Kleenex, Down the Mississippi, Snowy Mountain Climb, and Toss it Mate. It is so nice to see friendships grow amongst students in all different grades. The thoughtfulness of the older students and the way they care for the younger students is really a special and moving sight to behold. It is something that is truly unique and remarkable at The Cooper School.

1st Grade Letters

As we reflected on all the amazing things we have learned this year, we decided that we MUST share these tips and knowledge with the upcoming Second Grade class. Students shared tips for Rocket Math speediness, how to follow procedures, rock climbing pointers, and all the fun projects and field trips to look forward to. Our now 3rd Graders (!!!) will receive their letter on the first day of school next year from the current 3rd grade class.

State Study … because we’re all about those states. May 25, 2018


This week, Third Grade students became teachers! After a week of researching a state in either the northeast or southeast, each student taught the rest of the class about their chosen state. Students chose a variety of ways to present their information, including 3D maps, PowerPoints, trifold boards, and iMovies. Each student was able to present their information clearly to the rest of the class, sharing the important information about their state. Third Graders were impressed by a fact filled song about Vermont sung to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”! Many students also brought in an important food from their state to share with the class! After the presentations, we got to enjoy several different kinds of pie, delicious cheesecake, some bbq, homemade clam chowder, tamales, cornbread, and pepperoni rolls. Students loved sharing the importance of their food and it’s deliciousness!


With one state completed, Third Graders have turned their focus west. Students have now selected a second state to research from the midwest, southwest, or west side of our country. Using the same process, students will independently research their second state and choose a different method of presentation to share with the class next week. It seems likely that there will be more songs inspired by the hit of “The State of Vermont” and definitely more delicious food to share. This project is a fun way to end the year while still learning and growing.

State Centers

Along with their independent research, Third Graders are exploring the United States in other ways during centers. Through puzzles and games, books and  iPad research, students have been getting to know the country they live in. Each day, Third Graders completed a map of the US, identifying where each state is using the correct abbreviation. They are also loving singing the song “Fifty Nifty United States”. This catchy song gets stuck in the head for a long time. It also helps students remember all of the states… for years to come!

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, May 31 Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1 Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal, Last day of school

Final Full Week of Class

End of the Year Math Work

As the end of the year approaches and our days together slowly dwindle, our class has been working non-stop on Second Grade math skills that we feel are vital to success in the upcoming year. This week specifically we have been drilling time to the quarter and half hour, place values up to the 1,000s and 10,000s, and estimating costs and change. We shopped at the “grocery store” and estimated costs of multiple items. We discussed that calculating exact costs while shopping is not necessary and explained the idea of sales tax. One strategy we taught this week for calculating change was the counting up method. So if your total was $3.25 and you paid with $5, you can count up by quarters to $0.75 cents, the next whole dollar($4.00), then add one more dollar to reach $5.00. Your change would be $1.75. Have your child practice estimating costs of 2-3 items next time you’re at the grocery store.  

Reading Workshop

Second Grade readers spent the week jumping into the second part of our Roald Dahl unit! Scholars loved meeting the unique characters in the book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. In this thought provoking story, students encounter a little boy, George and his cross grandmother.  The grandmother takes medicine, but George feels that it does nothing to help the grandmother.  George decides to create his grandmother a special new medicine. We have all laughed while reading this peculiar and exciting book!

Vulture Cam

On our visit last week to the Birds of Prey center, we witnessed something that was quite unique in the bird world. Wild Vultures had made a nest in between two of the man-made enclosures! The guides were even quite perplexed by the Vulture’s behavior and placement of the nest so close to humans. They have set up a Vulture Cam to capture the growth of these magnificent birds and we watched a few times this week to check it out! Our resident Vulture lover, Arlo, was quite happy that this became an activity we were adding to our daily schedule. You can check out the camera yourself by visiting their website and finding the link on the home page.

Important Dates

Memorial Day – No School                    May 28

5th Grade Graduation                           May 31, 11:30 dismissal

Field Day                                                  June 1, 11:30 dismissal


Friends Helping Friends

Becoming First Grade Mathematicians

This week Kindergarten mathematicians spent time practicing a variety of ways to practice their addition and subtraction skills. Mathematicians used their smart brains to not only complete these problems, but to also expand their knowledge into solving word problems. Kindergarten mathematicians are quickly marching their way towards becoming First Grade mathematicians!

Investigating Diverse Cultures!

Young scientists spent time discovering the wonders and uniqueness of the Yanomama people of the Amazon Rainforest! Brave scientists took a peek at the different aspects of this traditional tribe’s culture including: clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and celebrations. Scientists enjoyed learning about this tribe’s traditional ways of living off the land and their ways of respecting nature to protect the rainforest. One of our favorite discoveries included the fact that the Yanomama don’t eat sloths!

Friends Helping Friends

This week Kindergarten writers rallied support from classmates by writing letters, petitions, and signs to call for help in solving classroom and school concerns. Young writers deepened their understanding of persuasive writing by addressing their audience and offering solutions. Kindergarteners shared ways to solve problems such as messy cubbies, cleaning the art center and litter on our playground. Young writers were introduced to greetings, salutations and correct letter formats to make their letter writing even stronger! When writers see a problem, they think of how to fix it, decide who should hear the message, and then they write about it! Ask your youngster what they learned about letter writing this week.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, May 28th No School
  • Thursday, May 31st Fifth Grade Graduation ½ day 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1st Field Day ½ day 11:30 Dismissal


2 days until Graduation!


The creativity continued in Art this week. Students were enthralled by the lesson Ms. Kerry taught on creating marbling paper. Students used shaving cream and paint to create a design and then laid the paper on top. By using a squeegee, the shaving was removed and design was revealed. The results were beautiful! Ask your child what colors they used!


Students have finished their book club books this week! Students completed their final thoughts on the main character and reflected on immigration. Students enjoyed reading within their group and many plan to read books by the same authors this summer. Several have been added to the summer reading book fair online. Next week, we will establish summer reading goals to prepare for the middle school journey ahead. Ask your child what their final thoughts on immigration are!


Your young debaters have been hard at work completing their persuasive essays.  They have learned and practiced all the tips and tricks to make their argument more effective.  Your writers have developed intriguing introductions, several pieces of convincing evidence, and a conclusion to leave you thinking.  They have thought of counterarguments and addressed those in their essay as well. Students presented their published persuasive essays to 4th Grade on Thursday. Ask your child how they think their persuasive essay turned out.


Important Dates

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)

Last Full Week of Fourth Grade…


This week, Fourth Grade began a new study of the Roald Dahl book, the BFG. Fourth Graders aren’t inexperienced when it comes to studying this author. They have been reading Roald Dahl books for several years now. This year’s study teaches students to compare and contrast common themes an author may use in their writing. Through this novel, we have been comparing character motivations, common character traits, and similar problems found in his books. Students have realized that studying the author’s craft with an experienced perspective gives them a better overall understanding of the type of books Roald Dahl writes.

Attentive Audience Members

Scholars listened as Fifth Graders published their final writing unit this week, Personal Persuasive Essays. Fourth Graders were all ears as their peers passionately stated their strong opinions to an eager Fourth Grade audience. The Fifth Graders expressed their feelings about “No Kill Animal Shelters,” “Cruise Ships in the Charleston Harbor”, and much, much more. These persuasive topics even started a discussion among Fourth Graders of their views after hearing the research that supported each claim. They were excited to weigh in on some of these topics.  


Centers this week revolved around the human body.  Students were tasked with creating a 3D model of the human skeleton using paper cutouts. This appeared easy at first, but things are not always what they seem.  After completing their models, students moved onto Science and Math extensions. They tinkered with science materials in order to build models of hands and feet.

Important Dates

Monday, May 28th                        Memorial Day/ No School

Thursday, May 31st                       5th Grade Graduation – 11:30                                                                            Dismissal

Friday, June 1st                             Field Day – 11:30 Dismissal


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…



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