Erica graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a B.S degree in Elementary Education. She has taught in Maine, Florida, and the Philippines before moving to Charleston two years ago.  Teaching is her lifelong passion, and she’s very excited to join The Cooper School team! Erica enjoys reading, baking, painting and traveling in her spare time.




We are Publishers! October 12, 2018

Publishing Is Hard Work

This week we started publishing our Narrative Writing stories and shared them with our classmates. Our writers have been waiting to read these aloud and were very excited to do so with their peers. While one author was reading, the rest of us were diligently writing compliments on each story to eventually give to the author. Our 5th Graders had the greatest compliments to give, comments such as, “I love how you used really descriptive language. I felt like I was there with you”. Now, onto opinion writing!


Home of the Brave

A favorite book in our classroom has come to an end, “Home of the Brave”. This book sparked so many questions and brought on a lot of emotions from the entire class. “Home of the Brave” by Katherine Applegate is a story about a boy who was torn from his home in Africa and has moved to America to live with his long lost family. He is having a hard time relating to his peers and fitting into this whole new world. Ask your child about this book, they’re bound to have a very strong opinion about the events that happened in the story.


Students complete vocabulary tests every two weeks. So far we have learned 36 new words! Each week students use the words we are studying in discussion, in writing, in drawing and in dramatic interpretations.  Parents can help develop vocabulary by reviewing our vocabulary words with their child and playing games like Charades or Pictionary.

Important Dates:


Monday, October 15th                                Make-Up Day

Wednesday, October 31st                          Halloween Carnival- 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, November 5th                             Science Fair Presentations

Monday-Tuesday, November 12-13th        Parent/Teacher Conferences

It’s Plane to See…. October 5, 2018

On the Table

This week we participated in a discussion lead by Mia’s mother. We talked about the issues we face in our own community. These were things like homelessness, traffic, new developments going up, etc. The students were so insightful when thinking of solutions to these problems. It was a real treat hearing their ideas about adding more trash cans to cut down on litter, or helping with our local food drive. Ask your child about the discussion, I’m sure they will have a lot to say!








Plane Sense

In science we started our new investigations: Planes! We constructed our new planes and discussed variables that may affect the flight of our planes. The only materials we used were a propeller, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and straws. Next week we will all put these variables into use while we fly our own planes!


Let’s Multiply!

In Math this week we

 have overcome the challenge of writing numbers in exponential notation. Students learned that the large number at the bottom is the base number, the smaller number at the top is the exponent, and the exponent tells you how many times to multiply the base number by itself.  




Important Dates:

Friday,October 12th                     11:30 Dismissal


Monday, October 15th                   Make-Up Day


Wednesday, October 31st             Halloween Carnival- 11:30 Dismissal

Drama Play September 28, 2018

Drama, Drama, Drama


This week Charleston Stage Company came in teach us how to give speeches, complete quick repetitive movements that got everyone excited, and act out amazing scenarios. They discussed things like social/environment activism, global warming, and how to be a good citizen. Our classroom turned into a stage and the students learned acting skills that can be used in so many different aspects of their lives.









                                                              Groups of Nouns!

Grammar this week has been filled with nouns galore! Plural nouns, singular nouns, collective nouns, and much more! Students had fun trying to figure out the collective noun that pulls a group of people, places, or things together. For example: A swarm of bees, or a library of books. We have been using Scholastic News and our mentor texts to find these examples to support our learning in class.





Let’s Have a Debate

Reading this week was jam packed with strategies to use during Book Club meetings. We learned how to pick a topic and hold a debate with a pro and con side. We debated about a riveting concept in our Read Aloud book and we all decided if we were going to be “for” or “against” the topic of discussion. I was amazed by how engrossed the students were during our debate. Talk to your child about debatable topics and hold your own!


Important Dates:

Friday, October 12th- 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th- Make-Up Day

Wednesday, October 31st- Halloween Carnival, 11:30 Dismissal

Get your Lifeboat! September 21, 2018


Students began designing and engineering their own lifeboats out of paper cups this week during science. Students collaborated to create different size boats that would be able to hold passengers (or pennies). These scientists learned new words like capacity and variables. Ask your child what these words mean!

Character Motivation

This week in Reading we started our Book Clubs! Our readers are excited to use their analytical thinking skills to discuss certain aspects of their shared book. Today we dove into our reading to learn more about the characters who appear at the beginning of the book. We will dissect these characters and think more deeply about what motivates them.




On Tuesdays we have Movement! This week we played SPUD with the 4th Graders. This game involves two balls that are thrown into the air while the rest of the athletes scatter, trying to escape the students with the balls. This was a great game to get us outside and run in the sun after a long week of being cooped up. Even the turtles got some exercise this week!




Important Dates:


Friday, September 21st- 27th                     Charleston Stage coming to TCS (rescheduled times)


Thursday, September 27th                          Curriculum Night 1st-5th grades (5:30-6:30)


Friday, October 12th                                      11:30 Dismissal


Monday, October 15th                                  Make-Up School Day

Getting excited over here… August 30, 2018

The first few weeks have already been so much fun here in 5th Grade! We are off to an awesome start of the year! Next up, Green River Preserve!

Lunch Buddies

This week we had lunch buddies with 3rd and 4th Grade. Your scholars are already role models for these younger students. They will be having lunch buddies every week to help younger students learn the ways of The Copper School.  During lunch buddies, students were paired with new friends and encouraged to learn something new about them at lunch.  After we all ate, we enjoyed group games!


Tuesday Movement

Every Tuesday, 4th and 5th grades join together for Tuesday Movement. This is a teacher-led time to learn physical skills such as kicking, throwing, catching, and running. It is also a time for bonding and learning sportsmanship through physical activity. This week, your athletes played The Human Knot. This game requires immense focus and teamwork. Your athletes had a blast!



A pendulum is a mass hanging from a fixed point that is free to swing to and fro. Can you think of an everyday object that is a pendulum? Your scientists came up with a swing on the playground, a grandfather clock, and a wrecking ball! This week, your thinkers began Variables in science. This unit is focused on creating controlled experiments by manipulating one variable at a time. This unit will set each student up for success in the Science Fair later in the year. Ask your child about our swingers investigation!



This week, we began our first unit of writing: Narrative Writing. Students learned strategies for generating small moment ideas for their stories. Summer experiences have been great fuel for their stories and it is very exciting reading about their adventures. You can help your child generate more ideas by looking at photo albums and reliving some favorite family memories!


Important Dates:


Monday, September 3rd                                                        No School- Labor Day!


Tuesday, September 4th                                                       Leave for Green River Preserve- 7:30am

                                                                                                  Parent Coffee (8 A.M. in TCS backyard)


Monday, September 17th-21st                                            Charleston Stage Company coming to TCS

Thursday, September 27th                                                   1st-5th grade Curriculum Night

What a great start to the year! August 24, 2018

Welcome Back!


Math- Students are learning more about each other by using MATH this week! It’s all about using numbers to describe ourselves. They especially enjoyed measuring each other and finding out their height by converting inches into feet!


Reading- As a Read Aloud this week we started diving into Any Which Wall by Laurel Snyder. Everyone is already hooked and we can’t wait to see what ends up happening to the characters. Students are also introducing themselves back into the classroom library and picking out some interesting reads to start out the year strong.  


Writing- We are all so excited to start Writing Workshop as 5th graders! Students this week discussed the writing procedures they remembered from 4th grade and made goals for themselves to build upon in this new year as we talked about our Hopes and Dreams project.



Important Dates:


Monday, September 3rd                                        No School- Labor Day

Tuesday, September 4th                                        Leave for Green River Preserve

                                                                                    Parent Coffee (8 A.M. at TCS)

Monday, September 17th-21st                              Charleston Stage Company coming to TCS

Thursday, September 27th                                    1st-5th grade Curriculum Night


2 days until Graduation! May 25, 2018


The creativity continued in Art this week. Students were enthralled by the lesson Ms. Kerry taught on creating marbling paper. Students used shaving cream and paint to create a design and then laid the paper on top. By using a squeegee, the shaving was removed and design was revealed. The results were beautiful! Ask your child what colors they used!


Students have finished their book club books this week! Students completed their final thoughts on the main character and reflected on immigration. Students enjoyed reading within their group and many plan to read books by the same authors this summer. Several have been added to the summer reading book fair online. Next week, we will establish summer reading goals to prepare for the middle school journey ahead. Ask your child what their final thoughts on immigration are!


Your young debaters have been hard at work completing their persuasive essays.  They have learned and practiced all the tips and tricks to make their argument more effective.  Your writers have developed intriguing introductions, several pieces of convincing evidence, and a conclusion to leave you thinking.  They have thought of counterarguments and addressed those in their essay as well. Students presented their published persuasive essays to 4th Grade on Thursday. Ask your child how they think their persuasive essay turned out.


Important Dates

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)

5th Grade Rocks! May 18, 2018


When you want to move somewhere, you probably stand up and use those muscular legs to transport yourself!  But what if you were a rock? How exactly would you get to a new location? After studying how large rocks break into smaller rocks by physical and chemical weathering, your scientists moved on to asking how these smaller rocks then move from one place to another.  Next week, 5th graders will investigate the movement of sand and silt under normal rain conditions and during a flood. 

Read Aloud

This week, we began Witches by Roald Dahl. This hilarious book has captured their minds during the period after lunch. Students are listening how to look for a witch and where these witches may be hiding. Next week, we will discover who is the Grand High Witch!  Ask your child what some of the signs are to look for a witch?

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Students did a wonderful job with testing this week. Students took two ERB tests a day to display the knowledge they have learned all year. With only 8 more school days until graduation, the countdown is on!

Field Day Preparations

Students worked on creating a materials list and design for their posters for Field Day during Centers. With only two weeks to go, students should be buying materials and starting to create their poster.


Important Dates

May 20th– End of the Year Picnic- Magnolia Plantation (3:30pm-5pm)

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)

Magnificent May May 11, 2018


This week students have been enthralled with their new study with Ms. Franci. Students have begun their study on immigration by researching the history of immigration and the different ways immigrants assimilate to a new culture when they move. Students received their book club books and assigned themselves what pages to read. Students are practicing being in discussion groups and using scholarly language to agree and disagree with their peers. Students have learned what a social issue is and how to identify one in their book. Ask your child what book they are reading in book club this week.



What is soil actually made of?  How do big rocks break into smaller rocks?  These are questions your geologists studied this week!  To answer, “What is soil?”, students analyzed samples of soil from a desert, mountain, river delta, and forest.  They discovered that all soils are made up of different combinations of the following materials: pebbles, gravel, sand, silt, and humus.  The first four come from the break down of rocks into smaller pieces and the last one, humus, comes from living things that have decomposed. Ask your child what their favorite part of science was this week!


2nd Grade Buddies

Today, students worked in pairs with 2nd Grade to measure their arm spans and compare them to the birds being researched in 2nd Grade’s bird study. 5th Graders passed on their knowledge about birds to the 2nd Graders to help them with their final project. We ended the day with a fun game of Capture the Bird! It was great to see siblings and friends working together! Ask your child who their buddy was for Capture the Bird!


Important Dates

May 14th-18th- ERB Testing

May 17th– Kayaking/SUP

May 20th– End of the Year Picnic (3:30pm-5pm)

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)

Magnificent May! May 5, 2018


This week, students reviewed the standard method for multiplication and division. Students reviewed how to multiply and divide decimal numbers. Their knowledge was put to the test for a Friday game day. Students completed Connect 4 with multiplying decimals and a pirate dividing decimal game. Ask your student which game they enjoyed the most.


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Friday was a special day as we had grandparents and special friends join us for classroom activities. It was beautiful to see the students interact with everyone else’s special friends as well. In 5th grade, your historians led their special friends in an Interview, presented their explorers project, and a fun math game! Ask your child what their favorite part about today was during the morning.

Pass It On

What a special event for our Capstone year!  As my first time at Pass It On and their last, it was a thrill to see all 5th graders reciting their poems. As we have discussed confidence during morning meeting and boosted the confidence of Kindergarten during a special reading early this week, it was impressive to see all the students read loud and proud in front of a big audience.


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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