Erin Biddle enters her third year at The Cooper School as the Kindergarten teacher. Erin brings fourteen years of classroom experience in Connecticut, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Erin received her BA in Education at Mercyhurst University. She is a certified early childhood and elementary educator. Erin believes her mission is to instill the love of learning. She is thrilled to be a member of The Cooper School team! Erin enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris and daughter, Abigail exploring Charleston and going to the beach.

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Atam is originally from Evansville, IN but lived in Memphis, TN prior to moving to Charleston. This will be his 2nd year at TCS as the Kindergarten Assistant Teacher. He previously worked as an assistant in a Junior Kindergarten class at Immaculate Conception Catholic School. Outside of the classroom Atam has a passion for teaching as a summer camp administrator, theater teacher and private swim coach. Atam is so happy to be in Charleston working with Miss Erin.




New Friends April 20, 2018

Swim Lessons

Our brave swimmers completed their first swimming lesson today! Kindergarteners are going to be gaining confidence through their weekly swim lessons and helpful swim coaches. Students set swimming goals and participated in their lesson with brave and happy hearts. We can’t wait to see what they can do by the end of the four weeks!

Cheep, Chirp, Cheep!                           

Our young scientists were surprised and thrilled to discover baby chicks in our classroom on Wednesday morning. Kindergarteners marveled at the cute yellow fluffy feathers and their little bodies. They loved observing them and sharing their wonderful wonders. Over the next several weeks, students will investigate the parts of an egg, the chicken life cycle, and how to care for baby chicks! Stay tuned for more egg-cellent news!

Celebrating Ginger Palm

Kindergarteners ended their tremendous tree unit by planting a tree in our backyard. Young scientists chose the perfect spot in our school’s backyard to plant our lovely palm tree. Students took turns digging a hole, watering, and sweetly welcoming our new evergreen friend. Ask your young scientist about the “newest member” of our Kindergarten class!    

Important Dates:


  • Thursday, April 26th  Dock Street Theatre 
  • Friday, April 27th  Swim
  • Friday, May 4th Grandparents Day/Pass It On
  • Friday, May 11th  Swim



Welcome Back! April 12, 2018

Eric Carle Books are Alive in Kindergarten

This week, Kindergarten launched an exciting new author study on Eric Carle. Young readers are discovering the many duties of an author and illustrator and the great details that Eric Carle puts into his special books. This week readers focused on book structure and learning from picture clues. Eric Carle writes many books and Kindergarten readers are having so much fun delighting in the unique and beautiful books created by this amazing author/illustrator! Ask your child what they have learned about Eric Carle this week!

Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” and Speak to Their Readers

Kindergarten writers have been busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics as they compose “How To” books during Writer’s Workshop.  This week they extended their knowledge of writing “How To” books by finding ways to elaborate in their writing. Writers learned that they can give the reader of their book tips, warnings, and suggestions as they teach how to do something. Students also found ways to use comparisons in their writing to help the reader better understand how to follow steps. Ask your brave writer what they did this week to make their “How To” books even stronger!

Angel Oak

Kindergarten tree enthusiasts were delighted to visit the Angel Oak Tree on Wednesday. Kindergarteners were put into small groups to investigate and explore this magnificent tree.  They marveled at the octopus-like branches, learned what lichen is, saw knotholes and tree bunions, and really enjoyed seeing where all the animals live. Kindergarteners then used their artistic abilities to draw a sketch of the angel oak and labeled things they saw. It was a wonderful study trip!

Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 20th First Swim
  • Thursday, April 26th Three Billy Goats Gruff @ Dock Street Theatre
  • Friday, April 27th Second Swim
  • Friday, May 4th Grandparents Day/Pass It On



Spring has Sprung!!! April 4, 2018


Our young writers have been hard at work, learning how to properly form their “Frog Jump Capital Letters”: F, E, D, P, B, R, N, and M.  All of these letters start the same way with a “big line” down from the top, left corner. Students know to pick up their pencil as they “Frog Jump” and bring their pencil back to the top before proceeding to the next step.  Kindergarten has been practicing following the steps to create these “Frog Jump” letters! Ask your child what they know about “Frog Jump” capitals! RIBBIT!


Our scientists have been busy observing our school’s backyard trees! They have noticed that there are a wide variety of trees. Students also observed that trees have different types of bark leaves, and branches. We examined nuts, seeds, cones, flowers, and twigs! Young scientists compared deciduous trees to evergreen trees, noting that deciduous trees’ leaves turn vibrant colors in the fall while evergreen trees’ leaves stay green all year. Kindergarteners have been observing trees and illustrating their observations in our Tree Observation Journal. Ask your young scientist what they learned about trees this week!     

Building Confidence in K

This week your Kindergartener was introduced to our social and emotional topic for the third trimester, confidence. Kindergarteners shared what confidence means to them with a pinch partner and then created a t-chart discussing what confidence sounds like and looks like. We are excited to build our self-esteem and boost our confidence in Kindergarten this trimester.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, April 9th    School Resumes
  • Wednesday, April 11th   Angel Oak Trip
  • Friday, April 20th     First Swim Lesson
  • Thursday, April 26th Dock Street Theatre Study Trip
  • Friday, April 27th    Swim Lesson
  • Friday, May 4th     Grandparents Day/Pass It On (11:30 Dismissal)



Haiku, Math, and Community Helpers! March 24, 2018

Can You Haiku?

This week brave readers and writers explored haiku poetry through the reading and writing of these 3 lined expressions. Kindergarteners have been busy composing haikus about nature. They know these special poems are usually said in one breath and have a line to tell when, where and what the haiku is about. Kindergarteners were very excited to learn more about poetry! Ask your young poet what they learned about haikus this week!  

Kindergarten Mathematicians

Kindergarten Mathematicians have been busy exploring 2-D and 3-D structures during math this week. Students were thrilled to show all they know about 2-D and 3-D shapes as they used marshmallows and toothpicks to build examples of each. Kindergarteners were excited to discover how they could combine 2-D shapes to create new shapes and objects. Brave Mathematicians worked to combine 3-D shapes to create 3-D objects like houses, cubes, and triangular prisms.

Kindergarteners Help Choose a Charity

Cooper School students collaborated during Whole School Morning Meeting this week to write this year’s tribute poem for Pass It On. Students voted and are thrilled to be supporting a charity called I Heart Hungry Kids. This charity provides bagged food for children in need. Bravo community helpers!

Important Dates:

  • Friday, March 30th Spring Break Begins
  • Monday, April 9th School Resumes
  • Wednesday, April 11th Angel Oak Study Trip
  • Friday, April 20th First Swim Lesson

Biome Fashion Show! March 17, 2018


Our young poets have been exploring their five senses to enhance their reading and writing of poetry during Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop this week. Mindful observers experimented with different sounds, a variety of smells, an assortment of tastes, diverse movements, and multiple textures to enrich their descriptive language. Students are sharpening their skills while writing poetry using repetition, rhythm, and rhyme. During Writer’s Workshop, students are finding inspiration through interesting items in the poetry museum and peering at the world through our poetry window. 

Wrapping Up Biomes in a Fashionable Way          

Kindergarten “Biome Experts” were delighted to show off their knowledge of the four biomes we studied during our Biome Fashion Show. Students did an outstanding job preparing their individual biome uniforms and props to represent the rainforest, desert, polar and wetlands biomes. Kindergarteners worked to read and record an interesting fact about their biome during Learning Centers. They then wrote their biome fact in their very nicest and neatest handwriting to prepare their fact for the fashion show.

Kindergartener Coin Investigators

Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating coins during math this week. Young mathematicians examined the attributes and values of pennies and nickels. Students took turns exchanging five pennies for a nickel to better understand the value of each coin. Students have been busy counting by fives during our daily calendar routine to count how many days we have been in school. Ask your kindergartener to tell you what they know about pennies and nickels!   

Important Dates:

  • Saturday, March 24th Spring Planting Party
  • Wednesday, March 28th Study Trip to Angel Oak Tree
  • Friday, March 30 Spring Break Begins
  • Monday, April 9th School Resumes

Poetry and Trees! March 9, 2018


Our young readers are learning about poetry. Students learned how to sort books to distinguish between poetry books and storybooks. Readers also learned that poems look different. Poems have white space, can be written like tall buildings, or sometimes the words seem to float on the page!

During Writer’s Workshop, students are practicing writing poems about things that are important to them. Writers are discovering different ways to find inspiration. We have started collecting important items from home to add to our Poetry Museum. In this museum, writers are finding interesting ways to describe these objects, express a connection, or record their curious thoughts.

Diving Into Our Tree Study

Trees are everywhere! Our scientists are observing trees! Students notice that there are lots of different types of trees. Students also observed that different things grow on trees. We examined nuts, seeds, cones, flowers, twigs, and moss! Students also thought of different ways they can be friends with a tree. They could talk to trees, plant trees, kick a soccer ball to a tree, read under trees or climb them! How do you enjoy trees? 

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Kindergarteners were thrilled to spend Wednesday morning at the beautiful Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Kindergarteners got to spend time with lots of animals in the zoo and nature center. They got to get up and close with peacocks, deer, ducks, goats, foxes, rabbits, and so many more fantastic animals. It was so fun to see animals that we had studies in our zoology unit in person.

Then Kindergarteners became tree explorers. They went on a long walk along the river and through the gardens to explore the various majestic trees. Kindergarteners collected tree “finds” to bring back to school to kick off our next unit on trees.

Kindergarteners enjoyed eating lunch and basking in the sunshine on the great lawn in front of the plantation house. They even got to play “Everybody’s It” and “Sharks and Minnows”! Ask your Kindergartener about this fun-filled morning.     

Important Dates:

  • Friday, March 16th Biome Fashion Show @ 8:15
  • Saturday, March 24th Spring Planting Party
  • Friday, March 30th Spring Break Begins
  • Monday, April 9th School Resumes

March here we come!! March 2, 2018

Wrapping Up Clothing Unit

This week your clothing experts wrapped up our clothing unit by tie-dying a t-shirt and screen-printing a special logo on it. This logo was created by all the Kindergarteners collaboratively as a class. Kindergarteners also became sewing enthusiasts as they used their new sewing abilities to create an egg pincushion. We can’t wait for you to see all the wonderful work they have done and their fabulous sashaying at our upcoming Biome Show!

Building Connections

This week Kindergarten got the opportunity to spend time with 4th grade and 5th grade building relationships and connections. They read books together, wrote stories, and played together. Kindergarteners absolutely love to spend time with these older friends. It fills up their buckets in so many ways. Ask your Kindergartener their favorite part of spending time with their older friends.


Kindergarteners are becoming how-to experts! These budding authors created idea webs with everything they know how to do and shared their ideas with the class. They quickly realized that they know how to do so many things and were surprised what their friends could do. They are so excited about this unit and love being how-to experts.



Important Dates:

Monday, March 5th                           Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, March 6th                          Student Led Conference, 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday, March 7th                     Study Trip to Magnolia Plantation

Thursday, March 8th                        Silent Auction

Saturday, March 24th                       Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                           Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                             Return from Spring Break


Biomes, Measurement, How-To, Oh My!! February 27, 2018


Kindergarteners returned to school eager to make discoveries and share information about a variety of biomes. These curious minds have been engaged in learning about the climate, soil, plants, animals and people of the Polar, Desert, Tropical Rainforest and Wetland biomes this week. Kindergarteners have been enjoying sorting, trying on, and playing with the various clothing that is worn in each biome at the Imagination Station learning center. Ask your young scholar what they have learned about biomes this week!

Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” in Their Writing

Kindergarteners eagerly embarked upon an exciting new kind of writing during Writing Workshop this week. Students examined mentor texts to explore how authors write to teach. Students thought about topics they knew well, and things they could teach others how to do. Kindergarten writers were quite busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics in which they are “experts”.

Measurement Mania

Kindergarten mathematicians have been learning all about measurement this week. Kindergarteners developed their knowledge of measurement by using their feet to measure objects. Mathematicians recognized the need for standard measurement units by discussing “How Big Is A Foot?” Kindergarteners worked with a math partner to measure various objects and to compare those   measurements. Lastly, measurement enthusiasts were provided experience with a variety of measurement tools. Ask your Kindergartener what they learned in measurement this week!   

Important Dates:

  • Monday and Tuesday March 5th and 6th Student-Led Conferences 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, March 7th Study Trip to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
  • Thursday, March 8th Silent Auction 6pm-9pm


A Week Full of Love February 16, 2018

Kindergarteners Prepare for Self-Assessments

Kindergarten scholars have been so very hard at work as they prepare for their self-assessment meetings next week! Kindergarteners have been learning the art of evaluating their own learning in each subject area. They have worked hard to take an honest look at how they feel about their learning and rating their feelings in each area. These brave and proud scholars are ready to share all of their hard work with you. They have become 113 days smarter and have so many ways to show you! Ask your Kindergartener what they have enjoyed the most about their self-assessments!

Valentine’s Day  

Loving Kindergarteners spent this special day passing out Valentines, listening to special holiday books, and showing love and kindness to all. The day ended with a beautiful concert at The Circular Church. TCS students sounded angelic as they sang songs together for this delightful occasion.

Shared Reading 

This week Kindergarteners participated in a shared reading activity based on the book, Where Do Animals Live? Kindergarteners read the book fluently, discussed non-fiction text features, learned new word vocabulary, and the different places animals can live.

Important Dates:

  • February 16th –February 19th No School
  • Monday, February 26 Found Objects For Miss Kerry are Due
  • Friday, March 2nd Biome Fashion Show @2:15
  • Thursday, March 8th Silent Auction 6pm-9pm

100 Days Brighter February 9, 2018

100 Days Brighter

Kindergarteners were delighted to celebrate the100th day of school this week! Each child collected 100  items and displayed it in our 100 Museum! In math, they were busy collecting data on which projects were the tallest, smallest, and most unusual. They also participated in a parade around the school, did 100 exercises, and wrote about being 100 years old. Students had a blast investigating multiple ways to count, sort, and gain number sense of 100.

Compliments Written With Care

Kindergarten writers have been busy preparing thoughtful and unique compliments for each friend in their class. Students discovered the joy of giving and receiving meaningful compliments. These brave and hardworking writers have shown tremendous grit as they created compliment sloppy copy rough-drafts, fancied them up, and then wrote final copies in their very nicest and neatest handwriting. Kindergarteners were thrilled to the gills to create such unique compliment books for their friends, as well as give and receive these precious gifts on such a special day!

Move Up Day

Kindergarteners had so much fun visiting First Grade on Friday. They had the opportunity to meet the Jackaroo, learn how to pick out a “just right” book that they read with a friend, got a tour of the classroom, and so much more!!! Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite part of Move-Up Day was?

Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 12th White T-shirts are Due
  • Wednesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Congregational Church at 1:30
  • Friday, February 16th and 19th No School
  • Monday, February 26 Found Objects For Miss Kerry are Due
  • Friday, March 2nd Biome Fashion Show @2:15
  • Thursday, March 8th Silent Auction 6pm-9pm


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…



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