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Kiawah Indians December 14, 2018

Determining Value

Second Graders challenged themselves to determine the greater value of two triple digit numbers this week.  They utilized base ten blocks to determine which value was greater! For example: 365 >262. Students exchanged base ten blocks when their value became greater than ten.

Book Club Buddies

Readers were paired with their book club buddy for an exciting new project in reading workshop. Second grade readers will compare their findings and predictions while reading the same fiction book.  This process will help build comprehension through accountability, as readers make discoveries together.

Kiawah Indians

This week Second Grade studied the Kiawah Indian tribes native to the Kiawah Island area. They learned about their culture, hunting and gathering practices, as well as language. Scholars also studied the transportation, housing, and food that the Indians ate. Students partnered together to illustrate what Indians life would look like in the past and in the present.  

Pajama Drive

Next week we’ll be collecting pajama donations for our annual Pajama Drive.  All pajamas will be donated to the Pajama Program and distributed to children in need across the Lowcountry.

Important Dates:

December 14th       3-5 Movie Night – The Grinch @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 21st.      Pajama Day

Pictured Below: Second Grade read fairytales to kindergarten buddies. Second Grade performs at the Winter Choir Concert at the Circular Church.  

Continents and Biomes! December 7, 2018


Second Graders focused on finding nouns and verbs in sentences during grammar this week. They learned what makes a sentence complete and what makes a sentence incomplete.  

How To Understand Literacy Language

Readers discovered four steps when searching for literary meaning in their fiction texts.  They first identify an example of literary meaning this in their text. After that, they re-read it.  From there, they recall what’s going on in the story at that point. The last step is to ask the very important question of what the author is trying to convey to us!


Scientists are learning about the 8 biomes on all 7 of the continents.  These biomes include temperate forests, mountains (tundra), polar regions (arctic), grasslands, oceans, wetlands, desert, tropical rainforest.

December 7th       K-2 Movie Night – Polar Express @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 11th.      Winter Choir Performance @ Circular Church 1:30 pm

December 21st.      Pajama Day

Fluency November 30, 2018

Double Facts

Second Graders utilized double facts this week. Double facts are addition facts in which a number is added to itself. Our class learned that the sum of double facts must always be even numbers. They learned that they come in as handy tools to utilize when trying to find the answer to tricky subtraction problems, especially those with odd numbers!

Action and Linking Verbs
Grammar has taken off with our exploration of action verbs and linking verbs! Second Graders learned that linking verbs link information to help the reader understand and action verbs tell what action someone or something is doing. Scholars looked through class texts and found examples of both types of verbs and shared their findings during our Morning Meeting.


This week readers challenged themselves to find passages within their fiction reading and then read examples with fluency. They partnered together to see if they could visualize a movie in their minds as their partner read the passage from the story aloud.

Important Dates:

December 7th K-2 Movie Night – Polar Express @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 11th Winter Choir Performance @ Circular Church 1:30 pm

December 21st Pajama Day- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Charleston Symphony Orchestral String Quintet Performance


Young Scribes November 16, 2018


Second Graders have been reflecting on what we are grateful for as we approach our annual Harvest Feast next week. Considering moments of gratitude both at school and at home, our young scribes are writing a class book to compile their ideas.   

Publishing Party

Second Graders are editing final copies of their non-fiction masterpieces in preparation for next Monday’s Publishing Party. Be prepared to learn new skill sets when you join us in our presentation of “How To Books.” You will not be disappointed as you meet Charleston’s up and coming young writers!


We enjoyed connecting with all Second Grade parents, and sharing all the wonderful moments and growth your children are experiencing in the classroom!

November 19th                 Second Grade Publishing Party – 8:15 AM

November 20th                 Harvest Feast (11:30 dismissal)


Dominoes November 9, 2018


Mathematicians utilized dominoes as a strategy for addition and subtraction this week.  Here is an example of the type of addition problems that Second Graders solved this week:  

3+4=7                                         2+6=8

4+3=7                                        6+2=8

7-4=3                                           8-2=6

7-3=4                                           8-6=2

Dominoes are fantastic practice tools as well as fun games to play with your Second Grader!



Readers continued their study of non-fiction reading by finding comparisons within texts.  Second Graders made comparisons by using phrases such as, “This book shows me the same thing when…” and, “Another example I found in both books is…”. We will consider comparisons as we complete our “How-To Texts” for our upcoming Publishing Party.

Science Fair

This week Fifth Graders presented projects at the annual Cooper School Science Fair.  Second Graders attended and were able to see the scientific process in action. Topics included composting, clean water solutions, and static electricity.

Class Reminder:

Reading Logs go home each evening. Please remind your child to take the time to log their few minutes of reading, even if they have not finished the current book.  It is incredibly encouraging for Second Graders to see how much reading they accomplished!


Important Dates:

November 12th & 13th Conferences (11:30 dismissal)

November 16 Picture Day

November 19th                 Publishing Party – How To Books

November 20th                 Harvest Feast (11:30 dismissal)

Halloween Week! November 2, 2018

Make It Fancy!

Second Grade writers worked to make their “How To Books” fancier this week by utilizing a few tips and tricks during Writing Workshop.  They first checked to see if their words were spelled correctly. They combed through their sentences to clear up any confusion within their text and to exchange any dull words for exciting words.  Second Graders also added text features like bold words and added pictures for a completely new look. They finished off their books with considering a number of new titles.

What Two Texts Have In Common

In this week’s Reading Workshop, Second Graders continued their study of nonfiction texts evaluating what two texts have in common! Before reading both books, Second Graders previewed two non-fiction books of the same topic. They analyzed the Table of Contents to see if the headings were similar.  After completing this task they used a post-it note to make notes to document “add-on” facts that each text provided on the similar topic.


It was a spooky Wednesday at The Cooper School and our day was filled with delight as Second Grade dressed for the occasion of Halloween! Second Grade took home many best costume awards and even included a few raffle prize winners. We also enjoyed reading Halloween themed books with our Fourth Grade reading buddies.

November 12th & 13th           Conferences (11:30 dismissal)

November 19th                       Publishing Party – How To Books

November 20th                       Harvest Festival (11:30 dismissal)

Finding Meaning In Words October 26, 2018

Hook Your Audience

Second Grade writers set out this week to hook their audience as they began their “How To” books in Writing Workshop.  They determined through their lesson that there are three ways that you can hook your audience to keep reading! The first way is to start with a question. The second way is to tell a fascinating fact! The third way is to describe what you are writing about with bold words!


Above: Second Graders continue their study of balance, force, and motion.

Finding Meaning In Words

In this week’s Reading Workshop, Second Graders continued their study of nonfiction texts looking for keywords, but this time they sought challenging keywords! As they read they identified three keywords, and used context clues from the text to deduce what they mean through looking at pictures, reading captions, and using the index and glossary.  

Different Names For Numbers

Mathematicians learned multiple ways to write names for the same number. In a daily math message representing the number 12, scholars used many examples of ways to make this number. One example was the use of roman numerals or tally marks. Another scholar suggested used coins, like pennies and nickels.  Others suggested addition and subtraction problems that we do every day in rocket math exercises. The options were endless!

Reminder: If your child brings a jacket to school, please remember to label the jacket with the child’s name on the inside.    

Important Dates:

October 31st                           Halloween Carnival (11:30 dismissal)

November 1st                        In School Field Trip -12:30 High Touch/High Tech

November 12th & 13th Conferences (11:30 dismissal)  

November 19th                      Publishing Party – How To Books

November 20th                     Harvest Festival (11:30 dismissal)


Balance, Force, and Motion! October 19, 2018

Balance, Force, and Motion

Second Grade Scientists jump started the week with writing their wonders about our new science study of balance, force, and motion.  During this study, Second Graders will learn how to write like scientists and ask questions about how the world works through the scientific process!


Our readers utilized the index of their texts to both summarize and explore nonfiction books during Reading Workshop this week.  Topics ranged from the habits of a hippopotamus, redwood trees, gravity, and dance. Readers gained the ability to utilize the index to find quick references on facts regarding their subject. During our workshop, each reader shared multiple facts they found on their particular topic.

Turn Around Facts

Our mathematicians familiarized themselves with “turn around” facts in math this week.  Second Grade scholars learned to take two numbers and reverse them in the problem to find the same answer!


October 24th                                          Parent Morning Meeting

October 31st                                      Halloween (11:30 Dismissal)

Publishing Party! October 12, 2018

Nonfiction Readers

Our readers are identifying the distinctive qualities of nonfiction texts. Qualities include text bubbles, bold words, pictures with text, and books with glossaries.  An in class exercise included choosing a non fiction text and analyzing these findings.

Publishing Party

Our writers proudly presented their published texts to fellow Cooper School scholars in First and Fifth grade.  They practiced their presentation of public speaking and giving positive feedback to other writers. They wrote on a range of topics using descriptive words!


Our mathematicians familiarized themselves with estimation in math this week.  Through work on our class number line, second grade scholars learned to round up and round down in order to quickly add and subtract!

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

October 24th                                                  Parent Morning Meeting

October Beginnings in Second Grade! October 5, 2018

The How and The What

This week our writers discussed “tiny moments” and how authors achieve their “tiny moments” within a story by replacing descriptive words with their everyday words our writers typically utilize. In Writing Workshop,  we circled together after we made these changes to share these stories, and the stories transformed!

Math Number Story

Our mathematicians became the authors of the math texts this week and they created their own problems as well as their own solutions.  In creating their own Math Number Story, through math equation creation, illustration creation, and solution explanation, they came full circle with how to teach themselves.  



The Wild Robot

Second Grade began a highly antici

pated new book for our Read Aloud, “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown.  This is an uplifting story about an unexpected visitor whose arrival disrupts the animal inhabitants of a rocky island, but has a contemporary twist: the main character is a robot.

Quick Reminder:

If parents will remind second graders to place silver take home folders and clear folders back in tote bags to return to school.  

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

October 24th                                                  Parent Morning Meeting



Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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