Kelly returns for her fourth year at The Cooper School! Kelly was raised in the greater Chicago area. On her first visit to Charleston, she fell in love with the city and decided to attend The College of Charleston. Kelly received her Bachelor or Science in Elementary Education from The College of Charleston. She also has a Masters in Education from The Citadel. Kelly is a Nationally Board Certified Educator. During her free time, Kelly enjoys playing board games and taking long walks with her husband and three young children.

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Mayor’s Visit and Valentines Concert February 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day

This week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Thursday and it was a beautiful celebration of love and friendship. Students had the opportunity to distribute their compliment books and read all the wonderful compliments they received from their classmates. Our Valentine’s Day celebration concluded with a concert performed at The Circular Congregational Church. They also debuted a lively performance on the recorder. It was a sweet ending to a delightful day!

Mayor Tecklenburg

We also had the pleasure of a visit from Mayor John Tecklenburg on Tuesday. He came to share what a day in the life of a mayor looks like. Second Graders shared details about our Cooper Village project and asked questions pertaining to our challenges, like environmental awareness during our building construction and the professional roles that serve communities.


In preparation for student-led conferences, Second Grade scholars have begun the process of assessing their work. During student-led conferences (March 4th & 5th), each student will discuss their strengths, where they would like to improve, and what interests them. This week, students selected sample work from Math and thought deeply about what it represented. They wrote about what they enjoy, what they excel in, and set goals for the future. Next, scholars reflected on their growth in Reading. They selected a “Just Right” book and wrote reasons why they chose that particular book. Students were pleased to discover their “Just Right” book was no longer a picture book but one with chapters! Stay tuned for student-led conferences coming in March!

Cooper Village

Second Graders shopped for their materials to help better prepare their Cooper Village house for a natural disaster such as a hurricane, an earthquake, a flood, or a fire. Students joined back up with their natural disaster group to purchase building materials for their residential home. Each student could only spend a dollar and was forced to make decisions about what would keep their home safe if their natural disaster struck. Students gave strong reasons for buying some materials over others. For example, some students chose to make their house of bricks instead of cement. Everyone in the Hurricane Group chose to put their house on stilts because of the dangers of flooding. While some students in the Fire Group opted for extra long water hoses to wrap around their house, others wanted a smoke detector to warn them of a fire. Second Graders are so excited to present everything they have put together and learned on February 26th at our Cooper Village presentation.

  • By now you have received the invitation for the Grand Opening of Cooper Village on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:30 am.  One thing you will need to begin planning is the costume of your child’s profession in Cooper Village. This is a very fun project to do with your Second Grader!

Important Dates

February 18th No School- February Break

February 19th 11:30 Dismissal

February 26th Grand Opening of Cooper Village

March 4th  Student Led Conferences Half Day

March 5th Student Led Conferences Half Day

Breaking Ground in Cooper Village! February 8, 2019

Compliment Writing


Just about everyone is familiar with the definition of a compliment. A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration. Although students give and receive bits of praise daily, this week Second Graders discussed giving and receiving meaningful compliments. They expressed the sentimental feeling one gets when receiving a genuine compliment. They also realized compliments weren’t just for the recipients, but for them as well. Students discovered that taking the time to admire their classmates’ best qualities built strong relationships and nurtured friendships.


Guest Speaker


On Tuesday, Will Wingfield, a local Charleston architect joined the class and discussed environmentally friendly commercial buildings.  Will gave Second Graders a glimpse into the world of design. He began by explaining the passive and active considerations architects contemplate when designing a building. He concluded his presentation by showing building blueprints which featured intricate details and many hours of thoughtfully planned out design. Will’s message helped students begin the initial design of their commercial buildings in Cooper Village. Using the knowledge they gained from him, students will make decisions about their building’s eco-friendly design.


Cooper Village


This week, students worked with their groups to construct their businesses. Second Graders were in charge of all major decisions such as, how the building would look, where the windows would be located, and what colors would be used to paint the exterior. Students were introduced to building materials that could be used to make their structure “green” or environmentally friendly. Some of the materials listed were solar panels, single or triple pane windows, and various installation options. Each material was given a price and, just like in any business, students were given a budget. Scholars had to discuss and compromise with each other on the materials that would best
fit their business and budget. 


Upcoming Dates


Wednesday, February 13th             Mayor John Techlenburg – Guest Speaker at 8:30 am

Thursday, February 14th                 Valentine’s Day Concert 1:30-2: 30 pm

Friday, February 15th                      Valentine’s Day Bake Sale at 2:00 – 2:30 pm  

Monday, February 18th                   No School

Tuesday, February 19st                    ½ Day – Carl Anderson Visits TCS

Tuesday, February 26th                  Cooper Village Presentation at 8:30 am

February 1, 2019

Cooper Village Buildings

Cooper Village is rolling along as we divided into groups.  There will be four groups, each group building two businesses and their own residential home. Groups are assigned by natural disaster. Scholars are focused on disaster prevention and strategizing plans to protect their businesses.  The groups include Fire (Police/Fire/Law/Wifi/Electricity/Internet),Hurricane (Hospital/Doctors Office/Veterinary Office),Flood (Weather and News/Recycling/Waste and Water Dept), and Earthquake (Restaurant/School Library).

Partnering up to brainstorm what they recalled from our studies of each natural disaster, scholars worked to apply this knowledge to their buildings.  They assessed three challenges that these natural disasters could pose and three solutions to these challenges.


Second Graders continued their study of climate and weather by focusing on droughts.  They learned that droughts occur when an area gets less rain and snow that the people, plants, and animals need to live there.  Scholars analyzed a bar graph that compared the 5-Year Drought Rainfall in inches to the 5-Year Normal Rainfall in inches.

Read Aloud

Second Grade is finishing our newest read aloud book, “The Year of Billy Miller” by author and Newberry Medal winning author, Kevin Henkes.  This book follows the life of Billy Miller, a Second Grader who balances the adventures of school and life with his family creating a humorous plot! Ask your child what their favorite part of this book has been!

Important Dates:

February 14th- Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Church

February 15th- Grade 2 Playdate

February 18th- February Break- No School

February 19th- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Second Grader Natural Disaster Groups begin building planning

Measuring Temperature January 25, 2019


Second Graders explored the topic of temperature in math by studying a thermometer and measuring the degree changes.  As part of our “parts to total” lesson, students measured the increase or decrease in temperature using addition and subtraction strategies.  

Artist Statements

Writing this week focused on artist statements for our upcoming Art Walk on Thursday, January 31st.  Second Graders wrote about their favorite artist, their goals for art this year, and the materials they like to use to create art.  They will share the 4 things they like to draw as well as their favorite colors. Some of Second Grade’s favorite artists include Pablo Picasso, William Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Klee, and David Hockney!


Second Graders continued their Cooper Village project by reviewing the materials that make a building be fire resistant. Materials included brick, stucco, and concrete.  Scholars learned about the role of weather vanes in minimizing fires caused by lightning. These choices will be important when selecting building materials and measuring building costs within our project.  Students continue to assess wants versus needs as we work to create Cooper Village.

Important Dates:

January 31st – Art Walk at TCS

February 14th- Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Church

February 15th- Grade 2 Playdate

February 18th- February Break- No School

February 19th- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Second Graders making decisions for Cooper Village

Week of Weather January 18, 2019

Sentences vs. Fragments

Second Graders explored the differences between sentences and fragments during grammar this week.  They discovered that sentences express a complete thought and include both a subject and predicate! They also discovered that a fragment is an incomplete sentence. Students compared fragments to sentences during grammar by writing examples of both.  


Reading and writing this week centered on the topic of weather and its impact on our community.  Students read an assortment of weather related books on flooding, hurricanes, rain, and lightning.  They began to write details about weather and how it is possible to reduce its negative impact. Scholars dug deep within their texts to discover the “big idea” when it comes to weather preparation.  

Cooper Village Jobs

Second Graders continued their Cooper Village project by applying for positions within the community. Together they compiled a list of essential community roles and then narrowed their top three choices.  Second Graders wrote detailed reasons for their choices and why they would be most qualified to support the community’s specific needs. After selection, students will begin to research the duties of their assigned position as they each serve an important purpose in this student created village!

Caw Caw Field Trip:

Quick Reminder- We will be taking our class field trip next week to the Caw Caw Interpretive Center on Friday January 25th.  We ask that parents send a plain, white t-shirt to school. We will be participating in indigo dyeing.  

Important Dates:

January 21st: MLK Day – No School

January 31st– Art Walk at TCS

Cooper Village Kick Off January 11, 2019

Making Change

Second Graders started the new year by counting up with coins! Partnering together, Second Graders role played both cashiers and customers at the vegetable stand using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters making purchases and making change.  

Charlestowne Settlers

Our class has enjoyed reading and writing about the Charlestowne Settlers and their impact in the Lowcountry’s founding. Second Graders explored the settlers’ reasons for relocating to the New World and historical figures, like King Charles II, who tried to restore the throne through assigning the proprietors to the area. Scholars wrote and illustrated the details of the geographic voyage from England to America as well as the architectural details of homes built by Charlestowne Settlers.  

Cooper Village

Second Graders have begun work on the highly anticipated Cooper Village project.  Scholars discussed the essential businesses a village needs and they collectively compiled a master list. Students partnered in pairs to discuss all of their options and justify their choices for the final Cooper Village list. From there, students narrowed down their final list to only 8 businesses . A few choices included a hospital/doctor’s office, a police/fire station, a recycling/sewage/trash center, an electric company, and a grocery store.  

Caw Caw Field Trip:

We will be taking a field trip to the Caw Caw Interpretive Center on Friday January 25th.  We ask that parents send a plain, white t-shirt to school. We will be participating in indigo dyeing while on this trip.  

Important Dates:

January 21st: MLK Day – No School

January 31st– Art Walk at TCS

Pictured Below: Second graders partnering to discuss Cooper Village businesses

Measuring On December 21, 2018

Standard Units of Measurement

Second Graders kicked off math with an exciting project on standard units of measurement. We began with a ruler which amounted to 12 inches or 1 foot.  Second Graders partnered with another classmate for a measuring project in our classroom. They explored measuring classroom objects, like our board and desks, to see how many inches or feet they equaled.  Our lesson also included reading the popular book “How Big Is A Foot”.

Reading Plan

Book Club buddies partnered together to continue their reading project to improve fluency by creating a book club plan. Readers utilized strategies such as retelling stories to one another and then by helping each other understand what is happening in the story. Readers were able to keep track of what was happening in longer books by using strategies like determining what is important and to stop when you get off track to re-read and answer questions with your partner. Second Grade scholars also created a flash news bulletin where they compiled facts about Second Grade readers and their unique skill sets when reading with fluency.  

















Kiawah Indian Transportation

This week Second Grade studied the Kiawah Indians, focusing specifically on their transportation.  We learned that the Kiawah Indians were in peak physical condition due to walking and running almost everywhere! When the Kiawah Indians were not walking or running, they paddled on the rivers in dugout boats. These boats were made of materials such as cypress and live oak trees. Second Graders learned about the intricate process of making these dugout boats and also illustrated a comparison of modern day Kiawah, to the time of the Kiawah Indians.  

Important Dates:

Friday, January 4th- Students return to TCS from Winter Break


Kiawah Indians December 14, 2018

Determining Value

Second Graders challenged themselves to determine the greater value of two triple digit numbers this week.  They utilized base ten blocks to determine which value was greater! For example: 365 >262. Students exchanged base ten blocks when their value became greater than ten.

Book Club Buddies

Readers were paired with their book club buddy for an exciting new project in reading workshop. Second grade readers will compare their findings and predictions while reading the same fiction book.  This process will help build comprehension through accountability, as readers make discoveries together.

Kiawah Indians

This week Second Grade studied the Kiawah Indian tribes native to the Kiawah Island area. They learned about their culture, hunting and gathering practices, as well as language. Scholars also studied the transportation, housing, and food that the Indians ate. Students partnered together to illustrate what Indians life would look like in the past and in the present.  

Pajama Drive

Next week we’ll be collecting pajama donations for our annual Pajama Drive.  All pajamas will be donated to the Pajama Program and distributed to children in need across the Lowcountry.

Important Dates:

December 14th       3-5 Movie Night – The Grinch @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 21st.      Pajama Day

Pictured Below: Second Grade read fairytales to kindergarten buddies. Second Grade performs at the Winter Choir Concert at the Circular Church.  

Continents and Biomes! December 7, 2018


Second Graders focused on finding nouns and verbs in sentences during grammar this week. They learned what makes a sentence complete and what makes a sentence incomplete.  

How To Understand Literacy Language

Readers discovered four steps when searching for literary meaning in their fiction texts.  They first identify an example of literary meaning this in their text. After that, they re-read it.  From there, they recall what’s going on in the story at that point. The last step is to ask the very important question of what the author is trying to convey to us!


Scientists are learning about the 8 biomes on all 7 of the continents.  These biomes include temperate forests, mountains (tundra), polar regions (arctic), grasslands, oceans, wetlands, desert, tropical rainforest.

December 7th       K-2 Movie Night – Polar Express @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 11th.      Winter Choir Performance @ Circular Church 1:30 pm

December 21st.      Pajama Day

Fluency November 30, 2018

Double Facts

Second Graders utilized double facts this week. Double facts are addition facts in which a number is added to itself. Our class learned that the sum of double facts must always be even numbers. They learned that they come in as handy tools to utilize when trying to find the answer to tricky subtraction problems, especially those with odd numbers!

Action and Linking Verbs
Grammar has taken off with our exploration of action verbs and linking verbs! Second Graders learned that linking verbs link information to help the reader understand and action verbs tell what action someone or something is doing. Scholars looked through class texts and found examples of both types of verbs and shared their findings during our Morning Meeting.


This week readers challenged themselves to find passages within their fiction reading and then read examples with fluency. They partnered together to see if they could visualize a movie in their minds as their partner read the passage from the story aloud.

Important Dates:

December 7th K-2 Movie Night – Polar Express @ The Cooper School 5-8 pm

December 11th Winter Choir Performance @ Circular Church 1:30 pm

December 21st Pajama Day- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Charleston Symphony Orchestral String Quintet Performance



Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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