Kelly returns for her fourth year at The Cooper School! Kelly was raised in the greater Chicago area. On her first visit to Charleston, she fell in love with the city and decided to attend The College of Charleston. Kelly received her Bachelor or Science in Elementary Education from The College of Charleston. She also has a Masters in Education from The Citadel. Kelly is a Nationally Board Certified Educator. During her free time, Kelly enjoys playing board games and taking long walks with her husband and three young children.

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Publishing Party! October 12, 2018

Nonfiction Readers

Our readers are identifying the distinctive qualities of nonfiction texts. Qualities include text bubbles, bold words, pictures with text, and books with glossaries.  An in class exercise included choosing a non fiction text and analyzing these findings.

Publishing Party

Our writers proudly presented their published texts to fellow Cooper School scholars in First and Fifth grade.  They practiced their presentation of public speaking and giving positive feedback to other writers. They wrote on a range of topics using descriptive words!


Our mathematicians familiarized themselves with estimation in math this week.  Through work on our class number line, second grade scholars learned to round up and round down in order to quickly add and subtract!

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

October 24th                                                  Parent Morning Meeting

October Beginnings in Second Grade! October 5, 2018

The How and The What

This week our writers discussed “tiny moments” and how authors achieve their “tiny moments” within a story by replacing descriptive words with their everyday words our writers typically utilize. In Writing Workshop,  we circled together after we made these changes to share these stories, and the stories transformed!

Math Number Story

Our mathematicians became the authors of the math texts this week and they created their own problems as well as their own solutions.  In creating their own Math Number Story, through math equation creation, illustration creation, and solution explanation, they came full circle with how to teach themselves.  



The Wild Robot

Second Grade began a highly antici

pated new book for our Read Aloud, “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown.  This is an uplifting story about an unexpected visitor whose arrival disrupts the animal inhabitants of a rocky island, but has a contemporary twist: the main character is a robot.

Quick Reminder:

If parents will remind second graders to place silver take home folders and clear folders back in tote bags to return to school.  

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

October 24th                                                  Parent Morning Meeting


Cruising Right Along In Second Grade! September 28, 2018

Quarter, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies!

Our mathematicians started off the week with conquering the challenge of currency values.  Given varying
number amounts in cents, they were tasked with coming up with four ways to create that amount in change.  It was incredible to see that many scholars had countless ways to create their assigned amount. Mathematicians used exploration tools like flat grids (value of 100), long pieces (value of 10), and cubes (value of 1) 

to create endless numeric combinations.

Intention Within Story

Our writers partnered with their writing partner to assess each of their stories written from the previous week.  Through their collaboration, they were able to determine what the character’s intention was in their stories. Reflecting with a partner often helps our writers see aspects of their own writing with a fresh pair of eyes!

Sifting + Water

This week second grade scholars partnered with their science partner to study the effects of combining elements of rock.  In their experiment, sand and rocks were sifted through the use of sifters. Our scholars then combined sifted elements into a vile then adding water.  From their, our students shook their viles, and were able to assess and document where each element landed within the experiment.

Important Dates

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day


Compliments of Ten! September 21, 2018



Our mathematicians started off the week with creating as many combinations of 10 as they could. The options were endless! Rocket Math exercises helped to establish goals for how many counting exercises can be done in under one minute.  Each scholar has a personalized goal based on their times and number of correct answers.  We will continue to exceed goals in Rocket Math on a weekly basis!


Elements of Writing


It was full steam ahead as our writers began to assess their own criteria for writing a story. Writers were given a checklist that covered elements of Second Grade level writing and a checklist for Third Grade level writing.  They were encouraged to take a deep dive back into their own story and measure what they were already achieving and what they could add in the future. Personal assessment allowed for a holistic review of the areas that they would like to improve, and how they might go about rewriting!


Field Study


This week Second Grade scientists jumped into our continuation of geology studies, as we chose to go into our outdoor space at the Cooper School to identify various rock elements right in our own backyard.  Scientists partnered with another classmate to document field findings, and then came together with the entire class to share what they found. 



Haikus of Activism


Our partners at Charleston Stage joined us in class to explore the topic of activism.  Scholars used their voices and movements as tools in order to act out scenes of activism. Examples this week included animal activism and environmental activism. Students learned that activism is the definition of “something is wrong in the world and we are going to fix it!” Through the study of haikus, scholars created scenes that best expressed their acts of activism. 


Important Dates


Thursday, September 27th                            Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

Partnering Up September 7, 2018

Patterns Everywhere!

Our scholars kicked off the week with a continuation of strategies for remembering and counting coin value.  The confidence in skip counting is growing as they utilize the recognizable patterns we see in everyday life.  Curiosity abounds as we notice these patterns everywhere we look in our classroom.

Reading for Comprehension

Reading Workshop this week involved our scholars assessing their own reading comprehension after reading aloud to our class. So often, avid readers of all ages fly through the pages of a great book. What our readers are finding is that it is easy to read quickly without soaking in the details of the content. Through partnering together, we are able to work at a steady pace and help each other summarize the content.  The encouragement levels have grown in only one week and students cannot wait to share with us what they are reading outside of school.


Mastering Capitalization

Capitalization of names has been the name of the game this week for our scholars. Partners gathered together to create sentences where they determined words that should be capitalized.  They worked on making frog leaps with capital letters!

Important Dates

Thursday, September 27th                     Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30

Friday, October 12th                               11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                            Fall Break – No School

Mathematically Speaking August 31, 2018


Thinking mathematically comes naturally to these Second Graders! Students reviewed concepts such as even and odd numbers, skip counting, and adding coins. Scholars were excited to learn their new routine for using slates and accessing math tools. Eager students even began working on enrichment activities when they completed their independent math work.

Reading Workshop

Second Graders began the week by sharing their Hopes and Dreams for the new school year during Morning Meeting. Students also explained why they chose it, and how they planned to accomplish it. Later in the week, scholars discussed how they planned to accomplish their Hope and Dream by discussing expectations for learning in the classroom. Students became very thoughtful after listening to their peers share their hopes and articulated ways to make those dreams become a reality.


Second Grade geologists were excited to explore how to sort and classify rocks based
 on their properties. Using magnifying glasses, students classified river stones into different groups based on their different properties. Students challenged each other to sort the stones in as many different ways as possible. They learned that when classifying items, there is more than one way to do it.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 3rd                          Labor Day, No School

Tuesday, September 4th                          Parent Coffee – 8am

Thursday, September 27th                      Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30

Off to a Super Start! August 24, 2018

Second Graders are bursting with excitement and joy to be back in school! We began this week by building our classroom community and reviewing procedures. Scholars enjoyed participating in getting-to-know-you activities and games. This year we will be studying a lot of fun and stimulating topics! We will start the year off with a study of Pebbles, Sand, and Silt. For example, we will be using sifters to separate different rock sizes. Writing begins with personal narratives where students will learn the craft of writing about their own lives and experiences. I can’t wait to get started!

Mathematicians immediately became acquainted with the math tools in their classroom by starting
 the year off with a math cart scavenger hunt. Scholars measured each other and traced pattern block templates. The next day, they worked on Math About Me which takes a look at how numbers are used in the real world.   

Second Graders were introduced to our class pet on Thursday. This year our class will host Australian White Tree Frogs. The students learned all about the tree frogs and their needed care. After taking a closer look, Second Grade artists drew the tree frogs in their classroom habitat. Then, we brainstormed and listed names for our three new friends. On Friday, the class narrowed down the list of names and voted on Emerald, Raindrop and Mr. Frog.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 3rd               Labor Day/ No school

Thursday, September 4th             Parent Coffee – 8am

Thursday, September 27th           Curriculum Night

Summer Time June 1, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Second Grade has been busy wrapping up the year and saying our goodbyes, for now. Each day during Morning Meeting, we have been sharing what we are excited to do this summer. Here are some of their answers: “Going to see my grandparents”, “baseball camp”, “sleepovers”, “moving to Virginia”, and “trips to the library with my mom”.  We sure are going to miss our sweet students, but they definitely have earned a long, relaxing break with their family and friends.

Field Day

This year’s Field Day was one for the books!! Cooper School students were grouped with students from all grades to have a little fun and play some competitive games created by our Fifth Grade friends. Some of the student favorites included Ping-Pong Kleenex, Down the Mississippi, Snowy Mountain Climb, and Toss it Mate. It is so nice to see friendships grow amongst students in all different grades. The thoughtfulness of the older students and the way they care for the younger students is really a special and moving sight to behold. It is something that is truly unique and remarkable at The Cooper School.

1st Grade Letters

As we reflected on all the amazing things we have learned this year, we decided that we MUST share these tips and knowledge with the upcoming Second Grade class. Students shared tips for Rocket Math speediness, how to follow procedures, rock climbing pointers, and all the fun projects and field trips to look forward to. Our now 3rd Graders (!!!) will receive their letter on the first day of school next year from the current 3rd grade class.

Final Full Week of Class May 25, 2018

End of the Year Math Work

As the end of the year approaches and our days together slowly dwindle, our class has been working non-stop on Second Grade math skills that we feel are vital to success in the upcoming year. This week specifically we have been drilling time to the quarter and half hour, place values up to the 1,000s and 10,000s, and estimating costs and change. We shopped at the “grocery store” and estimated costs of multiple items. We discussed that calculating exact costs while shopping is not necessary and explained the idea of sales tax. One strategy we taught this week for calculating change was the counting up method. So if your total was $3.25 and you paid with $5, you can count up by quarters to $0.75 cents, the next whole dollar($4.00), then add one more dollar to reach $5.00. Your change would be $1.75. Have your child practice estimating costs of 2-3 items next time you’re at the grocery store.  

Reading Workshop

Second Grade readers spent the week jumping into the second part of our Roald Dahl unit! Scholars loved meeting the unique characters in the book, George’s Marvelous Medicine. In this thought provoking story, students encounter a little boy, George and his cross grandmother.  The grandmother takes medicine, but George feels that it does nothing to help the grandmother.  George decides to create his grandmother a special new medicine. We have all laughed while reading this peculiar and exciting book!

Vulture Cam

On our visit last week to the Birds of Prey center, we witnessed something that was quite unique in the bird world. Wild Vultures had made a nest in between two of the man-made enclosures! The guides were even quite perplexed by the Vulture’s behavior and placement of the nest so close to humans. They have set up a Vulture Cam to capture the growth of these magnificent birds and we watched a few times this week to check it out! Our resident Vulture lover, Arlo, was quite happy that this became an activity we were adding to our daily schedule. You can check out the camera yourself by visiting their website and finding the link on the home page.

Important Dates

Memorial Day – No School                    May 28

5th Grade Graduation                           May 31, 11:30 dismissal

Field Day                                                  June 1, 11:30 dismissal


Bird Study Finale May 18, 2018

Bird Finale

This week has been one for the books as Second grade wrapped their wings around another successful project-based study unit. The junior ornithologists studied beak adaptations this week and how birds have evolved for specific purposes over thousands of years. We also studied and created detailed diagrams of each bird’s nest, beak, and feet. Friday morning went off without a flutter and our bird lovers spewed facts on facts about their newfound passion. The students’ love and enthusiasm for their bird really shined in their presentations and art interpretations. We hope we’ve created lifelong bird lovers who caring greatly for other living things that share our planet.


Author Study: Roald Dahl

Second grade concluded the Dahl classic James and the Giant this week. Wow! The creativity and imagination that guides his stories are captivating and timeless. Students recalled literary points like setting, characters, and climax, as we rolled through this young adult masterpiece. We really love diving into our author studies and filling the classroom with interesting and new literature. Some of his other works that floated in between tables included Matilda, The BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


End of Year Math Assessments

This week, Second grade took a series of Math assessments to evaluate progress made during the year. We are also using these results to drive the planning and reteaching of key skills for the remainder of the year.  Some of the most important topics include: telling time, making change from bills and other monies, naming place values up to 100,000s, basic fractions, fractions of a group, arrays for multiplication, and double-digit addition and subtraction. Each morning we have started our math lessons with time mini-lessons where students use a plastic clock to match times in a story. We have been introducing concepts and language such as “a quarter ‘til 5:00” and “half past 2:00.” Have your child practice at home if you have an analog clock or watch!


Important Dates

Climbing Wall May 15

Bird Study Presentation         May 18

Birds of Prey Field Trip May 18

End of the Year Picnic May 20 @ Magnolia Plantation

Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL         May 28

TCS Field Day June 1


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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