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Shine On, Bright Scholars! May 25, 2018

Author Experts Shine

First Grade Author Experts were thrilled to the gills to share all of their hard work with friends and family this week! These brave presenters spent the week preparing to publish their Author Expert presentation boards and author inspired books by practicing presenting to class partners, Second Grade friends, and finally to their favorite audience, YOU! This project has certainly been a class favorite and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work and determination! These Author Experts are most definitely Second Grade READY!

Place Value, Scrolls, and Number Grid Puzzles

First Grade mathematicians spent time reviewing place value by creating number scrolls into the hundreds, and identifying patterns on number grids during math this week. Math partners participated in various hands-on activities to review and enhance their understanding of place value through the hundreds. First Graders continued to add onto their growing number scrolls as they deepened their place value understanding. Scholars worked together using clues to identify missing numbers on a number grid and created puzzles for their math partners to solve.

What is Climate?

This week, First Grade scientists built onto their understanding of weather by investigating climate and climate zones. Scholars compared weather to climate and discovered that weather describes the day to day conditions in an area, while climate describes the average weather conditions of a certain region. First Graders investigated the different climate zones on planet Earth and then discovered the average temperatures and precipitation for these areas.

Important Dates:

Memorial Day/No School – Thursday, May 28th

Fifth Grade Graduation/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Thursday, May 31st

Field Day/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Friday, June 1st

5th Grade Rocks! May 18, 2018


When you want to move somewhere, you probably stand up and use those muscular legs to transport yourself!  But what if you were a rock? How exactly would you get to a new location? After studying how large rocks break into smaller rocks by physical and chemical weathering, your scientists moved on to asking how these smaller rocks then move from one place to another.  Next week, 5th graders will investigate the movement of sand and silt under normal rain conditions and during a flood. 

Read Aloud

This week, we began Witches by Roald Dahl. This hilarious book has captured their minds during the period after lunch. Students are listening how to look for a witch and where these witches may be hiding. Next week, we will discover who is the Grand High Witch!  Ask your child what some of the signs are to look for a witch?

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Students did a wonderful job with testing this week. Students took two ERB tests a day to display the knowledge they have learned all year. With only 8 more school days until graduation, the countdown is on!

Field Day Preparations

Students worked on creating a materials list and design for their posters for Field Day during Centers. With only two weeks to go, students should be buying materials and starting to create their poster.


Important Dates

May 20th– End of the Year Picnic- Magnolia Plantation (3:30pm-5pm)

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)

We Are Author Experts!

Thermometers and Temperature

Math and Science overlapped in a beautiful way for First Grade friends this week. Curious scholars investigated reading temperatures on a thermometer during Math and made discoveries about weather tools used by meteorologists during Science. Brave mathematicians studied a weather map of the United States to compare the high and low temperature for various states and find their difference. These brainy First Graders can tell you what happens to water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and were thrilled to discover that the normal temperature for the human body is 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit!

Author Expert Preparations

First Grade readers and writers have been extremely busy preparing for next week’s Author Expert presentation. Scholars have been eagerly completing their nicest neatest published copies of book reports, book reviews, book lists, and author inspired books as they prepare to create their Author Expert presentation boards. These author experts have created detailed illustrations of their author’s characters and book covers. We can’t wait to share all of this hard work you next week!

I Heart Hungry Kids

Cooper School friends were delighted to meet the creator of I Heart Hungry Kids this Monday during Whole School Morning Meeting! I Heart Hungry Kids is the charity that students chose to donate proceeds from this year’s Pass It On funds. Cooper School scholars listened eagerly to the creator explain how he decided to start this beautiful charity. It feels so good to give back to the community we live in!


Important Dates

End of the Year Picnic- Sunday, May 20th @ Magnolia Plantation (3:30pm-5pm)

Author Expert Presentation – May 24th at 8:15

Memorial Day/No School – Thursday, May 28th

Fifth Grade Graduation/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Thursday, May 31st

Field Day/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Friday, June 1st

Bird Study Finale

Bird Finale

This week has been one for the books as Second grade wrapped their wings around another successful project-based study unit. The junior ornithologists studied beak adaptations this week and how birds have evolved for specific purposes over thousands of years. We also studied and created detailed diagrams of each bird’s nest, beak, and feet. Friday morning went off without a flutter and our bird lovers spewed facts on facts about their newfound passion. The students’ love and enthusiasm for their bird really shined in their presentations and art interpretations. We hope we’ve created lifelong bird lovers who caring greatly for other living things that share our planet.


Author Study: Roald Dahl

Second grade concluded the Dahl classic James and the Giant this week. Wow! The creativity and imagination that guides his stories are captivating and timeless. Students recalled literary points like setting, characters, and climax, as we rolled through this young adult masterpiece. We really love diving into our author studies and filling the classroom with interesting and new literature. Some of his other works that floated in between tables included Matilda, The BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


End of Year Math Assessments

This week, Second grade took a series of Math assessments to evaluate progress made during the year. We are also using these results to drive the planning and reteaching of key skills for the remainder of the year.  Some of the most important topics include: telling time, making change from bills and other monies, naming place values up to 100,000s, basic fractions, fractions of a group, arrays for multiplication, and double-digit addition and subtraction. Each morning we have started our math lessons with time mini-lessons where students use a plastic clock to match times in a story. We have been introducing concepts and language such as “a quarter ‘til 5:00” and “half past 2:00.” Have your child practice at home if you have an analog clock or watch!


Important Dates

Climbing Wall May 15

Bird Study Presentation         May 18

Birds of Prey Field Trip May 18

End of the Year Picnic May 20 @ Magnolia Plantation

Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL         May 28

TCS Field Day June 1

Marvelous May

Non-Fiction Avid Readers

This week Kindergarteners learned to be avid non-fiction readers. They learned that to be an avid reader they need to “think wow”, ask questions, and use fancy words to teach what they have learned. Kindergarteners spent time with their “peanut butter and jelly partners” teaching each other all about various non-fiction topics. Enthusiastic voices, words, and exclamations were heard throughout the classroom. Ask your Kindergartener about a nonfiction topic they learned about this week.

Wrapping-Up Swim Lessons

Our brave swimmers completed their last swimming lesson today! Kindergarteners have gained confidence through their weekly swim lessons and their helpful swim coaches. Students set swimming goals and participated in their lessons with brave and happy hearts. During Close of Day and Learning Centers this week, they helped compose a shared writing thank you letter to swim coaches. Kindergarteners are grateful for their swimming lessons!

We Are Problem-Solvers

This week brave writers explored persuasive writing by finding problems and writing in many different ways to reach their readers. Inspired by The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, students have been searching for ways they can make our classroom, school, and world a better place. Kindergarteners shared ways to solve problems such as messy cubbies, dried up glue sticks and litter on our playground. When writers see a problem, they think of how to fix it, and then they write about it! By making signs, letters, songs, lists, or petitions, our students are eagerly convincing their audience into action!

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, May 20th TCS Family Picnic @ Magnolia Plantation 3:30-5:00
  • Thursday, May 31st Fifth Grade Graduation ½ Day 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1st Field Day ½ Day 11:30 Dismissal



Third Grade Comics

I Heart Hungry Kids

The tradition of publishing Pass It On is all the more special because the proceeds go to a charity of the student’s choosing. Every year, the students are presented with a few different charities and they get to vote on which one they feel should receive the honor of being selected. This year, students selected I Heart Hungry Kids. Started by a young boy wanting to help other kids, this charity works to bring food to underprivileged children in the Charleston area. After the success of our Pass It On presentation and the sales of the book, students were able to present the proceeds to the charity this week. The young boy who started the project and his father joined us for Morning Meeting on Monday and The Cooper School was proud to give them more than $500 from the sale of our book.


This week, Third Graders have participated in taking the standardized ERB test. The Cooper School believes that test taking is a skill, and like all other skills, it must be taught and practiced. As students move on from TCS, it is a reality that they will be encountering standardized testing. Therefore, we want to prepare our students and teach them how to be successful. Earlier this year, students completed a reading unit that was focused on reading comprehension, reading for information and multiple choice questions. This week, Third Graders got to know the feeling of these types of tests, from completing bubbled in pages, to the stress of timed sessions, to the importance of silence. And they had fun doing it! Studies show that the best test takers are relaxed and we hope to instill that quality in our students.


Third Graders have finished their final writing unit of this year, fairy tale adaptations. During this study, each student has gotten to write two adaptations of beloved fairy tales and one unique fairy tale of their own. Now, students are beginning the process of publishing these stories in a unique way… as comics! This week, students have been working on transferring their writing into pictures. Next week, they will use an app on their iPads to turn those pictures into comics!




Important Dates:

  • Sunday, May 20 End of the Year Picnic- 3:30-5pm @ Magnolia Plantation
  • Thursday, May 31 Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1 Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal, Last day of school


Reflecting on a Great Week!


This week we have been examining reflections! Take a look in the mirror… seriously, go take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Your image should be the same size and shape of your own body, but there’s one difference. You are backwards! This week your investigators experimented with transparent mirrors to create reflections of various images. We learned that the original image is called a “preimage” and the reflection is called the “image”. After drawing their image on the other side of the reflection line, each student checked their work. They did this by folding their paper along the reflection line. If both images matched up exactly, they did it right!


This week students focused on the body’s muscles by creating models of the arm, leg, and thumb using craft sticks, rubber bands, paper clips, and rubber tubes. We’ve discussed how each material represents the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. We learned how each of these parts are connected and work together to make arms and legs move.


This week students put their test taking skills to the test! We spent some time each day completing the ERB Standardized Test. Much of the focus leading up to these tests has been on good test taking skills, strategies, and habits. Students have learned to pre-read, reread, and manage their time. Taking this type of test is a skill that students will have to utilize throughout their school careers. TCS believes that students need to become familiar and comfortable with the test taking environment and process, however we do not place a lot of emphasis upon the test itself. Fourth Grade’s favorite part was filling in the bubbles.

Important Dates:

May 20th                                         End of the Year Picnic @ Magnolia                                                                                            Plantation (3:30-                                                                                                   5pm)

Monday, May 28th                        Memorial Day/ No School

Thursday, May 31st                       5th Grade Graduation – 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, June 1st                              Field Day – 11:30 Dismissal

Rainforests, Time, and Proud Writers May 13, 2018

It’s Green! It’s Humid! It’s a Rainforest!

Kindergartners have been enjoying our new rainforest study. This week we investigated to find out what is a rainforest? Students practiced locating rainforests of the world using our color-coded biome map. Young conservationists found ways that they can live in harmony with nature, in efforts to save our rainforests. Students shared ways they could help save our rainforest including: turning off lights when we leave a room, save water by taking smaller baths or turning off water while we brush our teeth, plant a tree, recycling and picking up litter. Learning Centers allowed students to further explore our rainforest study. In our art center students illustrated themselves in the rainforest with a black crayon and painted these lovely pictures with watercolor paints. In the imagination station center Kindergarteners had a chance to pack for a trip to the rainforest. Students read rainforest books in our reading center and illustrated rainforest predators on a class chart. Finally, in our science center, students learned about various rainforest animals. Ask your young scientist what they learned about the rainforest this week!

Pardon me, Do You Have the Time?

Kindergarten mathematicians have been learning to tell time to the nearest hour! We have investigated minutes to see what kinds of things we can do in a minute. Students also investigated the hour by recording all of the things they can do within an hour. Students know that the short hand on a clock is used to tell the hour and the long hand tells us the minutes. We practiced moving hands on a clock to show “o’clock” times. Our young time-tellers practiced making their clocks match various times. Ask your youngster what they learned about telling time this week.

Proud Writers

Kindergarteners have been working so very hard as writers, illustrators and storytellers to prepare for their upcoming How-To publishing party. We are so proud of their creative spirits and can’t wait to share these fabulous stories next week.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, May 18th Last Swim Lesson
  • Sunday, May 20th TCS Family Picnic @ Magnolia Plantation 3:30-5:00
  • Thursday, May 31st Fifth Grade Graduation ½ Day 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1st Field Day ½ Day 11:30 Dismissal



May 11th Newsletter May 11, 2018

Area, Capacity, and Weight

Our current chapter on measurement has shifted from units of length to hands-on learning experiences with area and perimeter. This concept was introduced by counting squares in rectangular figures to find area. Students have also used their skills with rulers to measure sides of shapes to find the total perimeter. Students created a “Gallon Man” consisting of four paper cut-out quarts, sixteen cups, and eight pints. Providing experiences among these different units of capacity is fun and useful for helping in the kitchen.




Feathery Friends

Second Grade is seriously soaring with excitement over our bird study. Research for our birds has almost finished, as now most of our efforts are being put into our books and presentation. We are still watching the Hawk Cam and making notes in our observation logs. Our weekly bird vocabulary included: waddle, extinct, nestling, clutch, plummet, and plumage. One of our read alouds that captured our attention was Sadako and the Thousand Paper Crane. We tried last week creating our first origami and this week’s paper bird seemed to come together quite nicely.

5th Grade Lunch Date

As we prepare to say goodbye to our Fifth Grade friends who are graduating to middle school, Second Grade decided to buddy up with their class for some high quality time.  Each week until the end of school, we have different activities and lunch dates planned with our older friends. This week we invited them to our class to compare their arm span to that of our bird study birds. 5th Grade was so amazed that their arms are about as wide as a Great Blue Heron! After our lunch date, we concluded the day with a game of bird tag where students from each of the 4 groups were taken back to their nest after being tagged by hawks and falcons.







Important Dates

Climbing Wall                                       May 15

Bird Study Presentation                     May 18

Birds of Prey Field Trip                      May 18

End of the Year Picnic                        May 20 @ Magnolia Plantation 3:30-5:00 pm

Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL           May 28

TCS Field Day                                      June 1

Magnificent May


This week students have been enthralled with their new study with Ms. Franci. Students have begun their study on immigration by researching the history of immigration and the different ways immigrants assimilate to a new culture when they move. Students received their book club books and assigned themselves what pages to read. Students are practicing being in discussion groups and using scholarly language to agree and disagree with their peers. Students have learned what a social issue is and how to identify one in their book. Ask your child what book they are reading in book club this week.



What is soil actually made of?  How do big rocks break into smaller rocks?  These are questions your geologists studied this week!  To answer, “What is soil?”, students analyzed samples of soil from a desert, mountain, river delta, and forest.  They discovered that all soils are made up of different combinations of the following materials: pebbles, gravel, sand, silt, and humus.  The first four come from the break down of rocks into smaller pieces and the last one, humus, comes from living things that have decomposed. Ask your child what their favorite part of science was this week!


2nd Grade Buddies

Today, students worked in pairs with 2nd Grade to measure their arm spans and compare them to the birds being researched in 2nd Grade’s bird study. 5th Graders passed on their knowledge about birds to the 2nd Graders to help them with their final project. We ended the day with a fun game of Capture the Bird! It was great to see siblings and friends working together! Ask your child who their buddy was for Capture the Bird!


Important Dates

May 14th-18th- ERB Testing

May 17th– Kayaking/SUP

May 20th– End of the Year Picnic (3:30pm-5pm)

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…



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