​The Cooper School is a private, independent, non-sectarian school that values the participation of families from diverse backgrounds. Founded in 2007, The Cooper School is a 501(c) 3 non-profit institution. The Cooper School offers an exceptional holistic education for children grades K-5. Academic excellence, stewardship of the environment, activity, and creativity are hallmarks of the Cooper School Curriculum.

Getting excited over here… August 30, 2018

The first few weeks have already been so much fun here in 5th Grade! We are off to an awesome start of the year! Next up, Green River Preserve!

Lunch Buddies

This week we had lunch buddies with 3rd and 4th Grade. Your scholars are already role models for these younger students. They will be having lunch buddies every week to help younger students learn the ways of The Copper School.  During lunch buddies, students were paired with new friends and encouraged to learn something new about them at lunch.  After we all ate, we enjoyed group games!


Tuesday Movement

Every Tuesday, 4th and 5th grades join together for Tuesday Movement. This is a teacher-led time to learn physical skills such as kicking, throwing, catching, and running. It is also a time for bonding and learning sportsmanship through physical activity. This week, your athletes played The Human Knot. This game requires immense focus and teamwork. Your athletes had a blast!



A pendulum is a mass hanging from a fixed point that is free to swing to and fro. Can you think of an everyday object that is a pendulum? Your scientists came up with a swing on the playground, a grandfather clock, and a wrecking ball! This week, your thinkers began Variables in science. This unit is focused on creating controlled experiments by manipulating one variable at a time. This unit will set each student up for success in the Science Fair later in the year. Ask your child about our swingers investigation!



This week, we began our first unit of writing: Narrative Writing. Students learned strategies for generating small moment ideas for their stories. Summer experiences have been great fuel for their stories and it is very exciting reading about their adventures. You can help your child generate more ideas by looking at photo albums and reliving some favorite family memories!


Important Dates:


Monday, September 3rd                                                        No School- Labor Day!


Tuesday, September 4th                                                       Leave for Green River Preserve- 7:30am

                                                                                                  Parent Coffee (8 A.M. in TCS backyard)


Monday, September 17th-21st                                            Charleston Stage Company coming to TCS

Thursday, September 27th                                                   1st-5th grade Curriculum Night

Fun with First Grade Friends! August 24, 2018

Welcome Back to School! 

First Grade students bravely and eagerly dove right into the first week of school. Scholars spent much of the week making discoveries about their new classroom, practicing new classroom routines and procedures, reviewing reading, math and writing skills, nurturing relationships, and building community. On Tuesday we gathered for whole school morning meeting with Mrs. Franci and even celebrated our first birthday circle. On Friday we had our second whole school morning meeting and learned more about our Peace Table and how we can use it to resolve conflicts in a kind and thoughtful way. We read a book about traditions that different countries around the world practice when children lose their teeth and introduced our Class Tooth Chart. We also had so much fun joining Fourth Grade and Kindergarten friends for lunch buddies and movement games.

My Healthy Body

First Grade friends brainstormed everyday things they can do at home and in our classroom to stay healthy and identified physical characteristics that make each one of us unique as we launched our My Healthy Body unit! This unit is especially fun because we get to learn all about ourselves. After reading Marvelous Me by Lisa Bullard, scholars were able to identify, illustrate, and share outside and inside qualities that they like about themselves. We encourage you to ask your young scholar which inside and outside qualities they admire most about themselves!

Our Class Pet

We introduced a 21st member of the class to First Grade—our new class pet, a baby-bearded dragon! We learned interesting facts about what our class pet likes and how to care for him and even collaborated to write a group story together. First Graders brainstormed names and then voted on a name for their class pet. We are pleased to announce that our class pet is now named “Fireball”.

 We are so very excited to continue getting to know this kind and wonderful group of learners and looking forwarding to supporting and empowering them socially and academically and learning and growing along with them!

Important Dates:

Monday, September 3rd              Labor Day, No School

Sunday, September 17th             New Parent Social, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, September 27th           1st-5th Grade Curriculum Night, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

What a great start to the year!

Welcome Back!


Math- Students are learning more about each other by using MATH this week! It’s all about using numbers to describe ourselves. They especially enjoyed measuring each other and finding out their height by converting inches into feet!


Reading- As a Read Aloud this week we started diving into Any Which Wall by Laurel Snyder. Everyone is already hooked and we can’t wait to see what ends up happening to the characters. Students are also introducing themselves back into the classroom library and picking out some interesting reads to start out the year strong.  


Writing- We are all so excited to start Writing Workshop as 5th graders! Students this week discussed the writing procedures they remembered from 4th grade and made goals for themselves to build upon in this new year as we talked about our Hopes and Dreams project.



Important Dates:


Monday, September 3rd                                        No School- Labor Day

Tuesday, September 4th                                        Leave for Green River Preserve

                                                                                    Parent Coffee (8 A.M. at TCS)

Monday, September 17th-21st                              Charleston Stage Company coming to TCS

Thursday, September 27th                                    1st-5th grade Curriculum Night


First Week Fun!

Becoming Leaders & Team Players

Fourth Grade students didn’t skip a beat when it came to seeing old friends and meeting new faces. They were natural leaders as they remembered to line up in a speedy fashion and focus on the teacher when the chime was rung. To start the year off, the Cooper kids jumped right into writing down their comments for our Wonder Wall! They will soon have a chance to tackle their Hopes and Dreams project for their Fourth Grade year. One of the highlights of the first day was watching them engage in a thrilling game of Freeze Tag on the playground!

Classroom Routines

This week was all about getting to know the classroom, routines, and their friends! In order to have a great year, it’s important to slow things down and review the expectations for Fourth Grade.  Scholars modeled and practiced routines of the new classroom and grade level. This included how to navigate through the school, where things are and how to get them, and acceptable volume levels. Students practiced these routines through completing a Math Cart Hunt with their math partner! Fourth Graders made the transition into their new classroom with joy and confidence, ready to start a great year!

Class Pet

Fourth Graders were ecstatic to meet their new class pet, OJ! He is an orange leopard gecko who snuggles next to his heating pad while watching the students work. Thank you to the families that have already signed up to purchase mealworms and additional accessories for the habitat. He is sure to be a favorite! 


Important Dates:

Monday, 9/3 Labor Day – No School
Tuesday, 9/4 Parent Coffee (8am in the TCS Backyard)
Thursday, 9/27 1st-5th Curriculum Night


Off to a Super Start!

Second Graders are bursting with excitement and joy to be back in school! We began this week by building our classroom community and reviewing procedures. Scholars enjoyed participating in getting-to-know-you activities and games. This year we will be studying a lot of fun and stimulating topics! We will start the year off with a study of Pebbles, Sand, and Silt. For example, we will be using sifters to separate different rock sizes. Writing begins with personal narratives where students will learn the craft of writing about their own lives and experiences. I can’t wait to get started!

Mathematicians immediately became acquainted with the math tools in their classroom by starting
 the year off with a math cart scavenger hunt. Scholars measured each other and traced pattern block templates. The next day, they worked on Math About Me which takes a look at how numbers are used in the real world.   

Second Graders were introduced to our class pet on Thursday. This year our class will host Australian White Tree Frogs. The students learned all about the tree frogs and their needed care. After taking a closer look, Second Grade artists drew the tree frogs in their classroom habitat. Then, we brainstormed and listed names for our three new friends. On Friday, the class narrowed down the list of names and voted on Emerald, Raindrop and Mr. Frog.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 3rd               Labor Day/ No school

Thursday, September 4th             Parent Coffee – 8am

Thursday, September 27th           Curriculum Night

Welcome To Third Grade!

Fantastic First Week

We are so excited to kick off our year in Third Grade! Students have spent the week getting to know new friends who have joined us, and becoming comfortable in our classroom with a new routine. Third Graders started the week by creating and analyzing a birthday picture graph! Students were shocked to find that we would not be celebrating any birthdays in January or February! We’ve spent the week discussing Hopes and Dreams, diving into reading, as well as working on some fun math activities.



This week, Third Grade started our first read aloud book, The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney. Students were totally engaged listening to the sweet story of Humphrey the hamster, the classroom pet of Room 26. Students are loving the story about a hamster as we patiently wait for our class pet, Jerry the Gerbil, to return from his vacation!




Third Graders began their Physics of Sound science module this week, where they are learning about how sound travels, and how our ears work. Students experimented and tried identifying objects by the sounds they make when they are dropped. Third Graders will be working on their ability to discriminate sounds and brainstorming words to describe the sounds made.



Important Dates:

  • September 3rd – Labor Day (No School)
  • September 4th – Parent Coffee (8am in TCS Backyard)
  • September 17th-21st – Drama with Charleston Stage
  • September 27th – 1st-5th Grade Curriculum Night

Making New Friends

Getting-To-Know Each Other

This week was all about getting to know the classroom, specific routines, and getting to know each other!! Kindergarteners participated in various energizers to build community and friendships. These energizers included, “Just Like Me”, “When the Warm Wind Blows”, “Would you rather?”, “Collaborative Musical Chairs”, and “A Tangled Web”. Kindergarteners enjoyed doing a classroom scavenger hunt to get familiar with the classroom. Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite Get-To-Know-You activity was this week!   


This week, Kindergarteners not only got to get to know each other, but they also got to know friends from another grade. On Friday, we had lunch buddies with First Grade and we will partner up with them again on Tuesday for Movement. This buddy time is a great way to make new friends. Students love this time when they get to branch out and play with students from other grades. This leads them to feel more comfortable playing with other students later on. Lunch buddies is something we will return to throughout the year.  

Hopes and Dreams

Every year at The Cooper School, students create and display their hope or dream for the school year. This stays up for the entire year, so that at the end of the year we can look back and reflect to see if our hopes or dreams came true. This week, we started our discussion by brainstorming, “Why do we come to school?” We wrote these responses on chart paper. Some things your children said were: to learn new things, to learn to be kind, and to challenge themselves. We will use this later to help each other create hopes for the year.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 3rd  Labor Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, September 4th Parent Coffee (TCS Backyard-8am)
  • Tuesday, September 18th Kindergarten Curriculum Night



Summer Break Here We Come!! June 3, 2018

Saying Goodbye to our Fifth Grade Buddies

On Tuesday morning, we had the opportunity to get together with the rest of the school to watch the Fifth Graders practice their special performances for graduation. Kindergarteners delighted in hearing their friends sing various songs, play instruments, read poems, and share their artistic abilities.

On Thursday, Kindergarteners had so much fun playing with bubbles, taking pictures, playing games, and enjoying treats while celebrating our fabulous Fifth Graders. It was a great party.

We Have Word Power

Kindergarteners have been busy all year learning lots of new words every week during our vocabulary curriculum. Since the beginning of the year, your kindergartener has learned a total of 131 words to expand their vocabulary in speech and in their writing. This is amazing and we hope that they take this new knowledge, put it into their hippocampus and have it for a lifetime. Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite vocabulary words were.

Fourth Grade Buddies

On Wednesday, we paired up with our Fourth Grade buddies to read books outside under the trees. It was a beautiful peaceful morning of reading and sharing stories with friends.

Fourth Grade buddies then ate lunch together, played Thunder Tag, and Kindergarteners got to show their Fourth Grade buddy a special game or activity that they love the most. Kindergarteners loved bonding with these buddies and are thrilled for them to be Fifth Graders next year.

Last Days in Fourth Grade June 2, 2018


There is a bittersweet feeling to finishing a good book. Fourth Graders experienced that this week as they finished reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. The book’s unique characters, along with its magical twist set in the real world, appeal to readers of all ages. Fourth Graders loved being able to watch the characters come to life in the BFG movie! Students loved watching the movie and noticing the similarities and differences between the book and movie.

Wrapping Up the Year

It is hard to believe that the year is coming to the end. With everything going on, the students took some time out of their hectic schedule to think about everything they have accomplished, experienced, and learned this year. This week in Morning Meeting, students reflected on their hopes, dreams, and their Fourth Grade year. Scholars talked about all the growth that occurred through achievements and challenges. They shared some of their proudest moments and their accomplishments. Each student chose one or two words that they thought summed up their year. Then looking ahead, they shared the things they looked forward to in Fifth Grade.


This was a wonderful week to celebrate Fifth Grade friends at The Cooper School. On Tuesday, Fourth Graders enjoyed supporting Fifth Graders as they practiced their graduation performances for the entire school. The Fifth Graders are so talented! They performed vocal solos, played instruments, read beautiful poetry, and more. On Thursday, Cooper School friends were thrilled to participate in The Cooper School’s graduation party, complete with a victory arch for the graduates, strawberry shortcake for everyone, a photo booth, and compliment chains for the graduates. It was such a splendid way to celebrate our friends in Fifth Grade.

Celebrating a Beautiful Year! June 1, 2018

Closing the Year with Community

First Graders spent time this week engaging in community building activities to wrap up their school year. Our week was filled with favorite math games, plans for ways to fill buckets as Second Graders, Appreciation Circles, and so much more! Scholars chose their favorite math games from First Grade and enjoyed reviewing math skills each day. First Graders made plans for themselves and shared ways to continue living the life of a bucket filler. These thoughtful friends spent time observing their peers and shared ways that they noticed others showing love and kindness throughout our school day. We love this class to bits and their community bond continues to shine brightly!







Honoring Fifth Grade Friends

This was a magical week to celebrate Fifth Grade friends at The Cooper School! Scholars enjoyed supporting Fifth Graders as they practiced their graduation performances. Cooper School friends were thrilled to participate in The Cooper School’s graduation party, complete with a victory arch for the graduates, strawberry shortcake for everyone, a photo booth, and compliment chains for the Graduates. It was such a lovely way to celebrate our Fifth Grade friends’ last days at TCS.

Sending Well Wishes to Our Class Pet

First Grade zoologists sent Jackaroo well wishes this week as we prepared her for her summer vacation. Jackaroo enjoyed sunbathing, feasting on super worms, and resting in her clean habitat. Students shared hopes and dreams for Jackaroo’s next school year. Happy summer everyone!  


Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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