Testimonial – Grade 5, Allison Roman March 3, 2016

When I moved to Charleston four years ago, I thought I was just making a career change by taking this job at The Cooper School in the private education system. I had been a teacher in the public school system in South Carolina and New Mexico for 5 years, and I was so ready for a change. I was lonely and burnt out. What I didnโ€™t realize was that I was actually making a life change.

Working at The Cooper School has completely renewed my love for teaching. I found a familyย here in my fellow teachers and the student/family community. I quickly realized that the curriculum taught at TCS was exactly what I had wanted as a teacher all along. It was meaningful, purposeful, and it celebrated the whole child. In my short 5 years as a public school teacher I had already become complacent and stagnant. The Cooper School completely changed that! The environment here is one of growth. We are constantly striving to be better and do better. Our “one-word” last year among the staff was limitless. This felt so perfect because when we are collaborating, we truly are limitless.

Our philosophy of celebrating the whole child also bled over into the culture of the staff and families. The administration and teachers here are excited to be at work everyday. They encourage each other, teach each other, and learn from each other. It is such a tight-knit community between staff, parents, and students, and I love that. I feel like Iโ€™m part of something bigger at The Cooper School.


Why I Teach… By: Kelly Porter

I grew up in a family of educators. Therefore even as a young child, I knew I would be an elementary school teacher. I dreamed of teaching in my own classroom one day. I wanted to foster a love of learning by creating a classroom where students would feel free to take risks and accept challenges. My dream became a reality and I began teaching in public schools. I taught with very talented and well-educated instructors….

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