The Cooper School Daily

Choir, Collaboration & Currents!


This week Fourth Graders began choir at The Cooper School! Students were so excited to practice their singing and learn new songs this school year! Our aspiring vocalists began by warming up their voices to prepare for class! Students learned two new songs and had the chance to sing on their own to their fellow classmates! They are so excited to keep learning new songs and become their very best singing selves. 


Fourth Graders were assigned reading partners this week during Reading Workshop. These are special partners that support each other with comprehension and give students a chance to learn valuable ways to discuss literature with one another. After completing SSR (silent sustained reading), reading partners met to share the elements of their stories with each other. These elements included the characters, settings and plots of their stories.  

High Touch High Tech

Fourth Graders had an amazing experience with their in-school field trip this week.  They explored the amazing world of electricity through many hands-on experiments.  Some of the experiments included rubbing balloons in their hair to create static electricity, lit light bulbs using wires and a 6 volt battery, and so much more.  Students learned that current and static are the two types of electricity.  They also learned that there are 5 types of circuits: open, closed, short, series, and parallel.  

Important Dates:

September 23- Charleston Battery Family Fun Night

September 29- Parent Coffee (8am-8:45am)

October 17 & !8- Fall Break (No School)