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100 Days Brighter!

100 Days Brighter

Kindergarteners were delighted to celebrate the100th day of School this week! Each child collected 100 items and displayed it in our 100 Museum! In math, they were busy collecting data on which projects were the tallest, smallest, and most unusual. They also participated in building a structure out of 100 cups and making a 100th day necklace out of fruit loops. Students had a blast investigating multiple ways to count, sort, and gain number sense of 100.

Budding Zoologists

Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating the exciting world of zoology during Reading Workshop this week. This new unit of study begins with an investigation of various animal groups. As we move forward students will explore learning about animals in Savannahs, Forests, and Oceans. This week, young readers compared nonfiction texts about living and nonliving things in their world. They extended this topic to explore and compare domestic and wild animals during their reading time. Students discovered exciting facts about animals that live in a zoo, farm animals, and animals kept as pets. Through these exciting topics, students are enhancing their nonfiction reading skills like using the first two letter sounds and picture clues to determine unknown words in a text. Ask your kindergartener what new and exciting information they have learned about animals.

Creative Minds

Kindergarteners have been discussing creativity during our Minds Up lessons and Morning Meeting this week. Students discussed what creativity looks, sounds like and feels like in the classroom. Student pairs collaborated with partners to brainstorm and share examples of ways they show creativity throughout our school day!

“We get to rainbow write our spelling words!”

“We act out our vocabulary words.”

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 7th Parent Coffee 8-9
  • Friday, February 10th Bake Sale 2:15-2:45
  • Tuesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day Concert @ 1:00 at Circular Church
  • Monday and Tuesday February 20th and 21st February Break (No School)