The Cooper School Daily

100 Days Smarter!

100th Day of School
Kindergarten was so excited to end the week with a celebration of our 100th Day of School! On Tuesday, students hobbled into school in their elderly best. Students laughed and showed off the costumes they’d pieced together to age themselves up a bit. We saw mustaches, gray hair, nightgowns, suspenders, and even a remote control! To honor our 100th day, students completed projects counting up 100 of an item of their choice. Students were proud to show off their counting skills and even more proud to show off their funky clothes in a parade in our school backyard, as students from older grades cheered them on.

Black History Month
We were excited to kick off our observation of Black History Month this week. Students were excited to share all that they know about different changemakers in history that have worked hard to create equality for all people. Students were especially excited to learn (or hear more) about Kamala Harris, our first black female Vice President! The magic in our classroom was alive as students discussed the importance of someone’s inside qualities and how skin color doesn’t say anything about anybody’s character. The highlight of our week was one Kindergartener stopping us to remind us how boring the world would be if we all looked the same.

Then vs. Now
This week, Kindergarteners spent time considering the areas in their life in which they have improved. We asked students to think about all of the things that they can do now that they were not able to do at the beginning of our school year. Kindergarteners gushed over their abilities to read, write, and count! Though we already knew and had seen this growth, it was so beautiful to hear little ones proudly acknowledge their own accomplishments! As we look forward, we will set academic goals for things that Kindergarteners want to accomplish before they are First Graders!

Important Dates:
February 11th – Move-Up Morning for Kindergarten
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)
February 25th – Afterschool Playdate