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100 Days Smarter in Second Grade


Second Graders began Unit 6 in Everyday Math this week. The beginning lessons review strategies for solving addition and subtraction number stories using a diagram. There are three different types of diagrams presented that help students organize their information. In this unit, students are expected to enter the known quanity or identify the quanity unknown. They choose the operation needed, solve, and write the number model.


Reading nonfiction books for information is a very different skill from reading fiction stories. Later in the week,
 Second Graders began their nonfiction reading unit. Students are learning to read for information using the Social Studies textbooks. While reading People and Places, they have been answering questions about the text using evidence from the text. For instance, if they want to say that people in communities agree to follow the laws, they would cite the information from a particular page of the book. This shows that they are reading the text, understanding the information, and are able to accurately answer questions about it.

Guest Speakers

Second Graders had a guest speaker from the Historic Charleston Foundation join them on Wednesday. Winslow Hastie spoke to the students about building preservation in Charleston. Students learned that Charleston was the first city to pass a law that protected historical buildings. By preserving the aesthetic and architectural culture of Charleston they protected its unique and charming legacy. Students learned some of the important steps taken to achieve this goal. Once the class had asked all their questions, they reflected by writing about what they had learned. One “take away” that was written by a student was that, “Historical houses are important because they tell a tiny story about the past.”


Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, February 7th                   Parent Coffee 8-9am

Friday, February 10th                     Bake Sale 2:15-2:45pm

Tuesday, February 14th                  Valentine’s Day Concert 1-2pm

Monday, February 20th                  No School

Tuesday, February 21st                    No School