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100 days Smarter

100th Day of School

Wow! Your Kindergartener is 100 days smarter! It has been a great 100 days and to celebrate your kindergartener participated in a fun-filled day of 100th day activities. Kindergarteners looked amazing as 100 years old. I loved the creativity of their outfits. They loved parading around the main building and showing the other students what they looked like. I’m sure they felt like “celebrities.” Elderly kindeIMG_0949IMG_0950rgarteners then presented their 100th day projects, measured objects that were longer, shorter, and the same length as 100 cm and predicted whether or not 100 pennies was longer than 100 snap cubes. Kindergarteners drew a picture of themselves as 100 years old and counted out 100 fruit loops to make a necklace. They moved their old bones and muscles by doing 100 exercises, listened to 100th day stories, and wrote about their favorite memory. Ask your “over the hill” kindergartner what they liked best about the 100th day.

Charleston Museum
Clothing experts got a rare chance to see beautiful and classic fabrics at the textile exhibit at tIMG_0947he Charleston Museum. Kindergartners got to look at stunning wedding dresses made fromsatin, silk, wool, nylon, and polyester. Some dresses dated back to the early 1800’s and some were up to date fashions from this decade. Kindergarteners were delighted
to dress up in hulu hoop petticoats to parade around the museum in. Kindergarteners then got to enjoy all the fun interactive activities in the museum’s ‘Kidstory.” Kindergarteners played tea party, played games, made crayon rubbings, pretended to be on a pirate ship sailing to Spain, and dressed up in clothing from the 1800’s.


Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating the exciting world of zoology during Reading Workshop this week. This new unit of study begins with an investigation of various animal groups. As we move forward students will explore learning about animals in Savannahs, Forests, and Oceans. This week, young readers compared nonfiction texts about living and nonliving things in their world. They extended this topic to explore and compare domestic and wild animals during their reading time. Students discovered exciting facts about animals that live in a zoo, farm animals, and animals kept as pets. Through these exciting topics, students are enhancing their nonfiction reading skills like using the first two letter sounds and picture clues to determine unknown words in a text. They have practiced stopping in their reading and trying again when something doesn’t sound right that they have read. Kindergarteners know that it is important to stop and re-read when stuck on a word.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, February 12th Valentine’s Day Concert and Bake Sale @ 1:30
  • February 15th and 16th No School
  • Friday, February 19th Biome Fashion Show