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100 Days!

Social Studies

This week, students continued their in-depth study of the Inuit by learning about shelter, music, storytelling, and art. Did you know that Iniut people only built igloos when they were far from home on hunting trips? Did you know that the word ‘iglu’ in the Inuktitut language means house? We learned these things (and more) this week as we looked closely at types of Inuit dwellings from long ago and today.
100th Day of School

Happy 100th day!100th day 1

The 100th day of school is always an exciting event in First Grade. We planned special activities for math, reading, and snack and did a LOT of counting!

  • In reading, we gave ourselves 30 minutes to try to read 100 books (as a class). Students were focused and determined to meet this challenge. At the end of 30 minutes, we had read 114 books all together!
  • During morning and afternoon snack, we counted our collective snack items and predicted whether, as a class, we had more or less than 100 items. An apple counts as one item, but a packet of goldfish holds quite a few! At both morning and afternoon snacks, we counted more than 300 items!100th day 2
  • During math, First Graders participated in four exciting 100th day centers. On the rug, they did 100 exercises like sit-ups and jumping jacks. At the art center, they created self portraits of themselves today and what they might look like in 100 years. At another table they created 10 groups of 10 items to show 100 all together. Finally, they constructed a building using 100 Base-10 blocks and then drew their creation.

Publishing Party!

To finish their opinion writing unit, First Graders chose their favorite books, movies, games, and restaurants to review for an unconventional finished product: a newspaper! (the opinion section, anyway). The publishing party reflected the finished product in that we turned the Cooper School library into a comfy “living room” to recreate a lazy Sunday morning where parents and students lay around in PJs to read the paper together. We had cushions, blankets, bean bag chairs, and breakfast food to make it feel authentic. Everyone had a wonderful time relaxing and reading together!

Important Dates

  • Friday, February 12 – Valentine’s Day Concert and Bake Sale, 1:30-2:45pm
  • Monday and Tuesday, February 15-16 – February Break, No School
  • Friday, February 26 – TCS Parent Coffee Morning, 8:30-9:30am