The Cooper School Daily

100% Smart!


In 1835 a woman was left alone on San Nicholas Island off the coast of California near Santa Barbara. Her tribe had been rescued from the island but she was left behind. She lived there for 18 years until she was rescued in 1853. This week, your historians began reading the historical fiction book “Island of the Blue Dolphins”. In this book, Scott O’Dell seeks to tell the story of her 18 years alone on the island. Your readers learned to analyze small details, pause and think about the big idea, and decipher character motivation. We can’t wait to finish this book next week!


Multiple Intelligences

The results are in! Your unique learners completed their multiple intelligences quiz and created their own personalized circle graph to display those results. Some of us were surprised by a few results, but most of your treasures thought their results were spot on! The process of creating the circle graphs was quite tedious. Each mathematician was required to find their total score for all categories, create a fraction for each category using that total, convert the fraction into a percent, and then use their percent circles to create their graph. Ask your child what their results were!



This trimester our social-emotional strand is creativity. Often times, the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of creativity is “art”. While producing artistic work definitely requires some creativity, it is only one small component of the word. This week, your creative thinkers discussed times throughout the day when they feel the most creative. Many stated that they feel creative in Writing Workshop, Art, and Recess. In the coming weeks we will discuss how creativity also includes problem solving. Ask your child to think of a time they used their creative brains to solve a problem at home!


Important Dates


Monday, Jan. 16                                MLK Day, No School

Friday, Jan. 27                                   Art Walk, 8 am