The Cooper School Daily

We Are Readers

Kindergarteners were so excited to dive into clusters this week! The Cooper School is divided up into clusters, with students from each grade level. This Thursday, we were excited for our first chance to meet our friends in clusters as well as find out which teachers will be leading our groups. Clusters will have lunch together once a month to build a sense of community across grade levels. We were so proud to see Kindergarteners bravely introduce themselves and create relationships with their older peers.

We Are Readers
This week, Kindergarteners learned that readers walk through the world in a special way. They don’t just see things. They read things! They read names, signs, directions and songs, too! These scholars know that readers read the world by looking at the words around them and thinking, “What might that say?” These young readers spent time investigating environmental print in our classroom as well as sharing environmental print they recognize outside of school! They know that readers don’t just see things, they read them!

Drama with Charleston Stage!
Students could not wait to meet our visiting friends from Charleston Stage this week! Kindergarten students welcomed guests into our classroom and showed off all that they learned about classroom expectations. Students talked all about an actor’s tools: body, voice, and imagination! We loved watching students tap into their creative sides as they learned new songs and games, as well as use creative roleplaying to improve social issues!

Important Dates:
September 14th – Elementary School Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:15pm)
October 17th-18th – Fall Break (No School)