The Cooper School Daily

So Much Learning!

Monarch Migration
This week, Kindergarteners were excited to celebrate the return of monarch butterflies as they made their return north for the spring season. In the fall, students participated in Journey North’s Monarch Migration project where we created butterflies of our own that “migrated” to Mexico. Once these butterflies finished their journey, they were mixed with kids from all over North America to return for the Spring! Using a map, Kindergarteners were so excited to mark how far our little friends had traveled. We couldn’t believe that we even had a visitor from Ontario, Canada!

Rainbow Writing
Students took inspiration this week from our Scholastic Newsletter. This week, the newsletter posed the question “Can you touch a rainbow?”. We were so excited to learn all about rainbows! We even learned about a type that shows up at night called a MOONBOW! Kindergarteners channeled this knowledge into new poetry of their own. There is nothing more magical than a room of Kindergarteners writing about rainbows!

Secret ‘gh’
Kindergarten readers have noticed that there is something sneaky going on with the letters “gh”! When these two letters are at the beginning of a word they LOVE being the line leaders. They shout “Good! This is great! We get to go first!” They make the “Guh, Guh, Guh” sound and follow the rules.( ghost, ghoul, ghast) When they are in the middle of a word, surrounded by other letters, they’re too afraid to talk at all, so they stay silent. (eight, sight, thought) When “gh” is at the end of a word, they always complain, “We’re so far away! This is taking forever! We should be FIRST! “FFFFFFFF – FFFFFFFF – FFFFFFFF!” (rough, enough, tough)

Important Dates:
March 28th – 11:30 Dismissal
April 3rd-10th – Spring Break (No School)
April 22nd – “Flourish” TCS Spring Auction & Gala (6pm-11pm)