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China Presentation

This Thursday allowed Third Grade students to shine bright and show off all they have learned during our Asia Study. Students spent the last two weeks zooming-in on China gathering research and learning to organize information as they prepared for their culminating presentation. Third Grade researchers learned to go to trusted websites when looking for information and know how to compare information on different sites for accuracy. Students bookmarked trusted pages on their I-Pads so they could come back to them easily throughout their research. Once students gathered the appropriate amount of research they then created a “Design Build” plan to show with pictures and words, how they planned to show their topic on the map. Scholars were delighted to use materials from the tinkering cart to find unique ways to build and show their topic on the map. The result of all of this hard work was a beautiful presentation about China and all of its glory! Third Graders should feel very proud of themselves and all of their hard work!

Reading Workshop

Third Graders launched a new unit focusing on books in a series during Reading Workshop this week! This unit supports children’s natural draw to series books. Scholars formed three Book Club groups to discuss their reading as they navigate their way through three different series. Each group focused on a different book series and are reading a new chapter book from that series during each week of the unit. Students were thrilled to dive deep into Lemony Snicket, The Time Warp Trio and The Boxcar Children. Groups met on Monday to decide and plan how many pages they needed to read each day, in order to finish their books by Friday. Scholars spent time discussing the setting and changes that occurred over time in their reading. They also practiced identifying main and minor characters and learned to pay close attention to the relationships between these characters. Students are thrilled to dive into their second book in the series next week!

Cool School

Students began the week reflecting upon everything they have done thus far during the school year in whole school morning meeting. Each student had the opportunity to share with their peers one thing that makes TCS unique. Students were thrilled to learn that the school had received “The Cool School” award from Channel 2 News. Make sure to tune into Channel 2 News next week to see our school highlighted!

Friday, December 18th – ½ Day and Pajama DayIMG_3886

Friday, December 18th – Tuesday, January 5th – Winter Break