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Mystery, Measurement, and Robots!


5th graders are exercising their technology muscles this week!  Our class has been lucky enough to receive an educational robot named Sphero, and this week your programmers spent a lot of time getting to know him.  Through a series of investigational lessons, your scientists explored ways to program Sphero and drive Sphero.  By the end of the week they were even able to build obstacle courses in the room and program Sphero to navigate through with one touch of a button.  We cannot wait to continue our work with this programming software.  Ask your child what their biggest accomplishment was with Sphero this week!

Photo Jan 21, 10 43 56 AM


Things are getting very suspicious in Reading Workshop this week! Your detectives have been reading their Mystery novel of choice and using clues to solve the crime or puzzle! We have been learning the shape of a mystery novel, how the reader learns about the mystery, that there are two plot lines and several different types of clues in a mystery novel. Ask your student how Piper can fly in The Girl Who Could Fly, who stole the Vermeer painting in Chasing Vermeer, or who stole the money in Sammy Keyes!


Did you know that the average TCS 5th grader can stretch their index finger and thumb apart at a 70 degree angle?  Or that the span from the tip of their thumb to their pinky finger is about 190 cm?  This is the hard work your mathematicians have been doing this week as they combined their knowledge of measurement and data collection.  The focus this week was on finding our natural measures, lengths of certain body parts that can help you estimate when there’s no ruler around.  After practicing our measurement, we displayed this information in line plots, bar graphs, tally charts, and stem-and-leaf plots.  Ask your child which type of graph/table they prefer to use!


Photo Jan 20, 10 27 57 AM