The Cooper School Daily

1st Grade Rocks!

Independent Scholars

Across grades we have been discussing independence. Scholars have been reflecting on how they can be more independent in their school and home lives. Some academic goals 1st Graders have set for themselves include reading harder books such as Amelia Bedelia, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the Magic Treehouse series, reading Math directions without teacher support, counting to higher numbers with fluency, spelling more words, and practicing active listening when friends are sharing during Morning Meeting. We look forward to celebrating their achievements as they work towards these fantastic goals!

Hands on Math   

In Math, we recently introduced place value. We have been playing lots of math games and using our Base Ten Blocks to help students understand, investigate, and physically represent place value. At home, you can use any materials you have on hand to reinforce these concepts and foster more hands on practice with place value and number sense.

Fete du Prenom

1st Graders have French class with Mme. Sophie each week. They are learning the French words for colors, family members, clothes, and food, as well as basic greetings. Something they look forward to is celebrating name day or “fete du prenom”. In France, name days have long been very important in everyday culture and it is traditional to give a small gift to a friend or family member on their name day. At TCS, students get to take home a fun pencil on their name day. This week, students also participated in a small celebration for King Cake Day. They enjoyed a delicious King Cake pastry. As is the custom in French culture, the King Cake was baked with a small plastic baby inside. The student who found the baby hidden in his/her king cake was crowned our king for the day. It was great fun for all! C’est bon!


Important Dates:

Monday, January 21st-MLK Day-NO SCHOOL

Thursday, January 31st-TCS Art Walk, 8:00-9:00am

Friday, February 8th-Grade 1 Playdate, 3:15-4:30pm, Brittlebank Park 

Monday, February 11th-Sibling Day