The Cooper School Daily

2 days until Graduation!


The creativity continued in Art this week. Students were enthralled by the lesson Ms. Kerry taught on creating marbling paper. Students used shaving cream and paint to create a design and then laid the paper on top. By using a squeegee, the shaving was removed and design was revealed. The results were beautiful! Ask your child what colors they used!


Students have finished their book club books this week! Students completed their final thoughts on the main character and reflected on immigration. Students enjoyed reading within their group and many plan to read books by the same authors this summer. Several have been added to the summer reading book fair online. Next week, we will establish summer reading goals to prepare for the middle school journey ahead. Ask your child what their final thoughts on immigration are!


Your young debaters have been hard at work completing their persuasive essays.  They have learned and practiced all the tips and tricks to make their argument more effective.  Your writers have developed intriguing introductions, several pieces of convincing evidence, and a conclusion to leave you thinking.  They have thought of counterarguments and addressed those in their essay as well. Students presented their published persuasive essays to 4th Grade on Thursday. Ask your child how they think their persuasive essay turned out.


Important Dates

May 28th– Memorial Day – No school

May 31st– Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

June 1st– Field Day (11:30 dismissal)