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Poetry and Presentation!

Science Fair Presentation Skills

On Wednesday I had the joy of watching all of the science fair boards trickle into the classroom.  This is an exciting time because it is the culmination of 3 months of hard work: 2 months of science learning and exploration and 1 month of science fair preparation.  The Science Fair will take place on Tuesday, March 1 and it will be presented in a museum style.  Each of your scientists will be manning their board and discussing their project.  The presentation skill that is most important for this project is the ability to answer any question that comes your way intelligently.  This week, 5th graders brainstormed possible questions and then practiced quizzing each other.  They definitely know their projects inside and out!  We cannot wait to share our hard work with you on Tuesday.

Photo Feb 24, 11 15 36 AM


This week during basketball, 4th and 5th graders tried their hand (literally) at shooting!  We discussed the importance of shooting with one hand as opposed to two hands.  This improves the aim of the ball.  Students practiced shooting the ball into the air and flicking their wrists to create that beautiful spin.  After practicing their form without a goal, everyone got into groups to shoot into a make-shift hoop, the recycling bin.  We had a blast practicing our new skill and have now learned to dribble, pass, and shoot!  Next up, defense!

Photo Feb 22, 12 45 44 PM


It’s the most wonderful time of the (school) year!  Poetry season is upon us, and we could not be more excited.  This week your readers participated in their introduction to poetry called “Flood the Room”.  During this week, the goal is to read as much poetry as possible.  In doing this, students begin to get a better sense of what genre, which authors, and which books they enjoy the most.  Our daily objectives this week were to recognize figurative language, stanzas, poems with vivid imagery, and to compare and contrast two similar poems.  To close Reading Workshop each day, students spent time writing an original poem or copying a favorite poem of the day.  Then they shared with their reading group.  Ask your child what their favorite thing about poetry is!

Photo Feb 26, 10 36 40 AM