The Cooper School Daily

This week curious scholars continued to investigate water with a new set of wonders. After discovering that water expands when it is heated up, students were naturally curious about what happens when water cools down. Using our classroom science thermometers, students conducted experiments to see what happens when they cooled water down. They made various predictions but were thrilled to discover that when water is cooled it contracts! Scientists observed several objects and made predictions about the density of the objects when dropped in water. We discovered that objects that floated were less dense and the objects that sank were more dense than the water! Young scholars were able to investigate about the density of hot and cold water with several experiments and discovered that cold water was more dense than hot water. Stay tuned for more scientific discoveries to come!

FullSizeRender copy This week in Math students focuFullSizeRendersed on learning their multiplication facts! Students cut out their next set of fact triangle flash cards to begin practicing and memorizing multiplication facts. Students closely examined “square numbers” to investigate what arrays look like when we multiply a number times itself. They were excited to to discover that “square numbers” form square shaped when we put them into arrays! We wrapped up the week with math games to help with memorizing our multiplication facts.  Third Graders had so much fun playing multiplication Top-It!

Third Grade students were thrilled to investigate the Upper Elementary Science Fair projects! They enjoyed exploring  and trying out the different experiments created by Fifth Grade scholars! Curious Third Graders had thoughtful questions and loved hearing more about the projects from Fifth Grade “experts”. Students learned that light can be powered by the acidity in fruit, non-alcoholic hand sanitizers are more effective than others, cork can be launched farther than rubber, certain fuels burn brighter and others burn faster and brighter, salt crystals grow more rapidly than sugar crystals and so much more! We even learned which fire logs are eco-friendly and burn the longest as well as which garbage bags are the strongest! The Third Graders loved seeing Fifth Graders shine at the Science Fair!

Important Dates:

March 7th & 8th                                           Student      Led Conferences  (Half Day 11:30 Dismissal)

Friday March 25th- April 1st                        Spring Break

Thursday, April 14th, 21st, & 28th              JICP Climbing