The Cooper School Daily

Magical Fairy Tales

Third Grade students spent the week exploring the wonderful world of fairy tales during our reading and writing workshops. Readers practiced identifying fairy tales by paying close attention to elements such as their unique plot, structure, characters, similarities to other tales, examples of good vs. bad, royalty and especially the inclusion of magic. Third Graders spent time comparing original Grimm fairy tales to more modern versions and noticed how fairy tales have softened over time. Scholars practiced storytelling fairy tales in dramatic ways. Once students had the “bones” of the stories, writers found ways to adapt them in meaningful ways. Stay tuned as we continue our exciting fairy tale units over the next few weeks.

Fraction Fun

This week mathematicians tackled the exciting world of fractions. Third Graders spent time reviewing fraction concepts and notations, then got to work developing a more solid understanding of equivalent fractions through many hands-on activities. Students played “Fraction Top-It” and the “Equivalent Fraction Game” to practice comparing fractions. Students also compared fractions using region models and various visual representations. Mathematicians extended their understanding by naming units greater than one with fractions and mixed numbers. Next week we will work on strategies to use when solve number stories involving fractions.

Water in Earth MaterialsFullSizeRender-24 FullSizeRender-23

This week Third Grade scientists investigated what happens when you pour water through two different earth materials, soil and gravel. Students poured equal amounts of water through equal masses of soil and gravel, then measured the amounts that drained through. Scientists discovered that some earth materials, like soil, absorb more water than others. They also discovered that water flows more easily through some materials compared to others.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, April 14th                                  TCS Silent Auction
  • Wednesday, April 20th                              School Picture Day
  • Thursday, April 14th, 21st, 28th              JICP Climbing Wall                               
  • Friday, May 6th                                           Grandparent’s Day/ Half Day
  • Friday, May 6th                                           Pass-It-On