The Cooper School Daily

Happy Earth Day!
The Cooper Sschool celebrated Earth Day by spending the whole day with the lights off to save energy. Students participated in a whole school morning meeting to discuss ways that we could help save the earth on Earth Day. Our earth friendly scholars thought of ideas such as carpooling , bringing a 100% waste-free lunch, making posters for our schools and neighborhoods, and spending the day with the lights off. The students participated in a blind vote and the majority ruled that we would spend this Earth Day with our lights off at school for the entire day! Third Graders gathered in our schools backyard to plant the recycled paper with seeds in it from the beginning of the year!

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Multiplication Strategies
This week mathematicians started a new unit in math that focused on the important skills of multiplication and division. In this unit, the focus is on a partial products algorithm for multiplying one and two digit numbers as well as to develop readiness skills for division. Third-grade mathematicians practiced strategies for multiplying and dividing with multiples of 10 101,000. Scholars learned mental math strategies to apply when they multiply one digit numbers by multidigit numbers. Third graders participated in an exploration of arrays to model multiplication with base 10 blocks, and explore area relationships.

State Study

This week Third Graders  investigated the eastern regions of the United States. We discovered that state borders are created by laws and that regions are created by landforms unique to that specific area. This week, we took a close look at the mountain ranges and bodies of water that are associated with the south east and north east regions. Students were excited to learn more about the region that we live in and also shared about their experiences in the north east! Stay tuned as we continue our investigation of the regions and then extend it to examine the various cultures in these areas!

Climb on!
This week third grade climbers set personal goals for themselves to achieve at the James Island County Park climbing wall. Students participated in the morning meeting to help explore what they did last week on the climbing wall and what they challenge themselves to do this week. Third-graders were thrilled to meet their goals and or come close to them this week during climbing.

Important Dates

Thursday, April 28th                   Climbing at JICP

Friday, May 6th                            Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)

Friday, May 6th                            Pass-It-On