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Eager Earth Scientists!


This week we completed our first field trip to James Island County Park for kayaking and paddle boarding lessons. We all had a blast! In the kayaking group, students learned the proper way to get in their boats by using their paddle as a stabilizer. Then, they mastered the sweep stroke and reverse sweep stroke in a game of “sponge”. The paddleboarding group got comfortable on the water by gaining their balance on their knees. When they were ready, they learned the proper leg placement to stand up on the paddleboard. It was fun and wet! Ask your child what their favorite part about this field trip was!



What is soil actually made of?  How do big rocks break into smaller rocks?  These are questions your geologists studied this week!  To answer what is soil, students analyzed samples of soil from a desert, mountain, river delta, and forest.  They discovered that all soil is made up of different combinations of the following materials:  pebbles, gravel, sand, silt, and humus.  The first four come from the break down of rocks into smaller pieces and the last one, humus, comes from living things that have decomposed.  To study how rocks break into smaller pieces, your scientists did a few activities with physical weathering.  First, they shook several rocks in a jar to simulate abrasion and next we filled a glass bottle with water, froze it, and studied the shattering effects of freezing.  Ask your child what their favorite part of science was this week!

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This week during writing workshop 5th Graders had a mini-celebration of their research based argument essay writing.  The topic on all students’ minds was that of whether or not students should wear uniforms to school.  Although most students were initially on the side of no school uniforms, after some intense research and debate, many changed their minds to thinking that school uniforms were a positive decision for schools.  The students conducted their debate with respect for one another’s views and utilized the discussion prompts that they have been practicing for years at The Cooper School.  

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