The Cooper School Daily

Looking High in the Sky for Birds!!!

Bird Study


Students were thrilled to begin researching their bird this week. Each Second Grader is able to use their computerMasks and books to look up specific information about their bird. This week, bird enthusiasts researched information about their bird’s beak, feet, and bodies. Once they read their information, students write one to two paragraphs about their topic in their own words. All of this will be combined into their PowerPoint that they will represent at the end of May.




This week, Second Graders applied the strategies they have learned in math to measuring the wingspan of their bird. WingspanEach student researched their wingspan in inches using the information they have acquired. Some scholars even converted centimeters to inches or feet to inches. Students used a yardstick to measure the length by marking a starting point and ending point with tape. They were challenged to estimate the number of pieces of paper they would need to construct their bird’s wingspan. Each piece of paper was 17 inches. Therefore, a student studying the Osprey with a wingspan of 71 inches would need at least five pieces of paper.


Back to the Basics


Students at the Cooper School are taught the importance of accuracy and persistence. They are expected to give their best effort and try their hardest 100% of the time. This week in morning meeting, students reviewed the expectations, procedures, and rules at TCS. Students shared what accuracy and persistence meant to them throughout the day. After students examined their efforts, they decided they wanted to improve their focus in Specials classes. Each student recommitted to striving for accuracy by choosing one word to help them regain their focus.


Important Dates:

Friday, May 6th                               Grandparent’s Day (1/2 of School)

Friday, May 6th                               Pass-It-On at 5:00 pm

Tuesday, May 24th                          Birdy Study Presentation at 8:15 am

Tuesday, May 24th                          Magnolia Gardens-Study Trip

Friday, May 27th                             Birds of Prey-Study Trip