The Cooper School Daily

Moving and Grooving in Second Grade!


Exploration lessons are in every unit of the Everyday Math Curriculum. These lessons include several independent, small group activities, that are hands-on and open-ended. The Explorations are designed so scholars can rotate from station to station around the room. Exploration activities provide critical initial exposure to content that is developed later in Everyday Math. This week scholars rotated through four math explorations each focusing on a different math strand.  


Second Graders were excited to start drama this week! Each year we have actors from Charleston Stage come to our bocce-1school to work on presentation and dramatic skills. During these classes students use their bodies, voice, and imagination to create different scenes. Students have been hard at work, warming up the “Tools” that actors use such as voice, body, and imagination. This year, Charleston Stage has been working with Second Grade on folktales. This week the old tale of “Br’er Rabbit” was the focus. Students play themed theater games, created tableau summaries of the story, identified and implemented key character traits, and finally performed a short version of the play. By practicing these theatrical skills, students are able to gain confidence when performing in front of an audience.  


Second Graders played summer games this week during Movement. One summer favorite, Corn Hole, wasbocce-1 introduced during Whole School Morning Meeting. Scholars of every age learned the rules and directions to this classic summer game. Another family beach game introduced was Bocce Ball. In this game, a group of 4 students try to get their weighted Bocce Ball as close to the “jack” or pallino as possible. Students then practiced these games during Movement.  Next week, students will switch games. Those who mastered the skills of Corn hole will work on their Bocce Ball strategies and vice verse. 


Important Dates 


Tuesday, September 20th – Parent Coffee  

Thursday, September 29th – Curriculum Night 

Monday, October 10th Fall Break – No School 

Tuesday, October 11th Fall Break – No School