The Cooper School Daily



Kindergarten had an exciting week filled with dramatic expression as they used their creative minds to act out skits and perform with our fabulous coaches from Charleston Stage! During drama class Kindergarten enjoyed listening to the folktale, “Briar Rabbit”. Young actors and actresses then created various skits from “Briar Rabbit”img_1613 and participated as both performers and audiences for their classmates. Students truly enjoyed exploring their space with creative movement, playful songs, and imaginative dance (especially the activity called “Boppity-Bop”). Ask your young actor or actress what they enjoyed most about drama class with Charleston Stage.

Animal’s 2 by 2

Young Kindergarten scientists were “thrilled to the gills” to meet their new friends this week. We welcomed our new goldfish and guppies to our classroom. Fish enthusiasts learned that goldfish come in a variety of colors; that they need water, food, and plants to live and strive; and the different structures of their body. Kindergarteners are excited to observe their behavior, create goldfish in art, and compare the goldfish to our guppies. Ask your Kindergartener what we named our new friends.

Wonder and Curiosity

Every trimester at The Cooper School we pick two social and emotional topics to discuss, explore, and learn all about. This trimester we are discussing wonder and curiosity. Kindergarteners listened to the wonderful book, “Ada Twist Scientist” in which Ada is a very curious and inquisitive child. Ada’s wonders take over her mind and her parents teach her how to channel these wonders and learn in order to support her curiosity. We discussed how asking questions, being curious, and having wonders is a great thing and also helps us to learn as much as we can. Students learned that wonders can start with who, what, when, how, where, if, did, and can. Your young wonderers then drew a picture of what they wonder about on a sticky note and put it on our wonder wall. They can’t wait for you to see their wonders at Curriculum Night!


Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 20th Parent Coffee 8:15-9:15

Thursday, September 29th – Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30

Monday and Tuesday, October 10th and 11th – Fall Break