The Cooper School Daily

2nd Grade News!!

Newsletter 2/5

Second graders have been practicing various consonant combinations such as /ph/, /gh/, /kn/, /gn/, and /kn/. Understanding and recognizing these sounds can be extremely tricky. We have been using a variety of ways to help students recall their sounds that they make in common words throughout their reading. Going on word hunts, singing songs, and playing matching games are just a few of the interactive ways that we have been using to keep children engaged and excited to learn these important phonics skills. 


We love yoga! Miss Courtney has been taking the children through a 45 minute class that incorporates stories, vinyasa flow, deep breathing and meditation. During this time,  children are encouraged to calm their bodies through breath, fluid movements, and music. Combining all of these activities with the beautiful outdoors, leaves the students calm and ready to learn throughout the day. 


We are continuing with our People and Places reading comprehension books. This week we started a lesson about history. Students have been learning about how different life was long ago compared to now. They were fascinated by how people communicated and traveled versus how we do those things now. It helped them realize how far we have come and sparked their imagination about what life might be like in the far future. They had some great ideas! 

Special Dates

February break: 15 and 16.