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2nd Grade News


Newsletter 2/19/2021

Cooper Village is in full swing! Second Graders have been constructing buildings, making houses and making people out of clay! Miss Libby took the class through step by step instructions on how to sculpt people and add detail. Students loved having the opportunity to explore their creativity and make each person different and unique to them. They are loving all aspects of Cooper Village and are getting excited to present all of their hard work!


Spanish is such a fun part of our week! Second Graders are learning about body parts through interactive and hands-on activities. The children have a wonderful time singing songs, coloring pictures and practicing their writing. Each week builds off of a previous lesson and students are starting to be able to talk to each other in Spanish! Watching the progression is a joy and the children are feeling proud of how much they have learned throughout the past few weeks. 


This week we started our guided reading lessons. During the next few weeks we will be concentrating on story structure, characters, and feelings. Each lesson begins with the teacher explaining the objective and then modeling how to complete their assignment. Students have been choosing books that are new to them which has opened their minds and made for an exciting way to start the day! 

Important Dates:

March 1st & 2nd- Self Assessment Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)