The Cooper School Daily

2nd Grade News

Newsletter 3-5-21

This week was so special. It was wonderful having our parents come in to see the classroom and all of the amazing work our students have been doing. We were so proud watching the students read to their family members and show them their work that has been displayed for the past few weeks. It was heartwarming for the parents, the teachers and the students. 


Miss Libby introduced Pop Art to the children this week. Pop Art is art that is derived from popular culture. They focused on the artist Wayne Thiebaud who was well known for his colorful art that depicted everyday objects such as pies, cakes and pastries. Second Graders drew donuts and were able to color their yummy desserts using colored pencils and sharpies. They all looked so delicious!

Cooper Village

This week we had the chance to tinker and start adding details to our village. Some things that the students have been making are bikes, stairs, playgrounds and trees. The students had to be super creative when assembling these items as they were only given recycled materials. They worked collaboratively with one another to brainstorm what their village still needs along with things they might want to add. We are so close to presenting our final creation!

Important Dates:

March 29th – April 5th- Spring Break