The Cooper School Daily

2nd Grade News

Newsletter 4-9-21


Mr. Temani brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our class every time he teaches movement! During each session, he starts with a fun warm up, and then introduces a new and fun game. Each class he teaches includes athletic instruction and team work that not only challenges their bodies, but their minds as well. Second Graders are strengthening their gross motor skills through agility challenges and exciting exercises that are imperative to their development. 


This week, our class got their hands dirty and learned about soil! We took advantage of the beautiful weather, and brought out science materials outside to discover what our dirt is made up of. Students sifted the soil into 3 containers and saw first hand the different components of our Earth’s material. We even found a worm and investigated the important role they play in keeping our soil nutrient rich. We then compared and contrasted the dirt that was found outside to mineral rich potting soil and talked about their many differences. 


Second Graders have been strengthening their mathematical skills not only through interactive classroom instruction, but through Rocket Math. This is a fun way to reinforce lessons that have been taught as well as build their fast fact fluency! It has been an exciting addition to our day and helps keep the students eager about learning math. 

Important Dates:

May 7th: Early Dismissal 11:30

Pass it On 5-6

May 31: Memorial Day- No School