The Cooper School Daily

2nd Grade Newsletter

Friday, October 16, 2020

Shining in Second Grade!


We are moving right along in Phonics!  I explained to the children that sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach it!  They all had an opportunity to write their own “lesson plan” for Gus (our phonics mascot).  They were all so creative and enjoyed having the freedom to come up with their own ideas and activities.  We are currently working on homophones and they have caught on quickly!

Social Studies

Our Second Graders are learning about what a fascinating world we live in! We have been studying various maps, learning where the continents are located and what happens when the Earth is rotating and spinning. (Ask your child what continent we live on!) Through interactive games, art and modeling techniques, our scholars have been able to understand our Earth and why each part is unique and different.


Miss Libby introduced a super fun way to paint this week.  Students were fascinated by using crayon resist to make pumpkins.  The children did a great job following the step-by-step instructions and loved admiring their finished project.

Important Dates:

October 20- School Picture Day

October 30- TCS Halloween Celebration! 11:30 am dismissal