The Cooper School Daily

Shakespeare and Pi!

Fifth Graders moved on to England in their world study of poetry this week, and they turned their focus to one of the greatest poets of all time, Shakespeare! After settling in with a geography lesson and some background information about Shakespeare himself, your readers spent the week studying Romeo and Juliet. We discussed how this play is written in dramatic text, intended to be performed. It also was written in Old English, and therefore we read a kid-friendly version. Throughout our study, your poets learned about comedy vs tragedy, identified stock characters, analyzed the theme, and wrote a summary. Ask your child what they thought about this age-old love story!


Fifth Grade is a year of mastery. We revisit many of the skills first introduced in Fourth Grade, and now your mathematicians are expected to master those skills. This week, your number crunchers revisited the concept of fractions. First we did a review of comparing fractions and we discussed 5 comparison strategies; when denominators are the same, when numerators are the same, when you can compare to a benchmark, when there’s one piece missing, and finally cross-multiplication. After this review, we reviewed methods for adding and subtracting mixed numbers. It’s always best to first add your whole numbers, then add your fractions, and finally simplify! Quiz your child with a challenging fractions addition problem!


Pi Day
This Tuesday, 3-14, was Pi Day! Pi Day is March 14th every year because the numerical date matches the value of Pi, 3.14. Pi is a symbol used to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of that circle. What’s even more wonderful is that pi sounds like pie, and pies are shaped like circles! Because of this, our very own Sydney surprised us with two pies to enjoy in celebration of Pi Day this week. Ask your child if they can remember the numerical value of Pi!


Important Dates
Tuesday, March 21 Writing Workshop with Marcus Friday, March 24 Stingray Family Fun Night, 7-9:30 pm Saturday, March 25 Planting Party, 9-12
Thursday, March 30 Parent Forum, 5:45-6:45 pm