The Cooper School Daily

Sound Vibrations

Reading Partners

Reading is most fun when it is shared! Third Graders enjoyed being able to share their reading with reading partners this week. reading partners are a great way to think about and discuss books even further than we would when reading alone. Students are able to share observations, extend their thinking, and enjoy the funny parts of the story with a friend. This week, reading partners enjoyed sharing this time in our peaceful backyard classroom.


Through our study of sound, students have learned that sound is caused by vibrations. Every sound has a sound source, where the vibrations originate. To hear or feel these vibrations, we have sound receivers. Humans use their ears as sound receivers to detect the vibrations and translate them into words or other sounds. Humans use their vocal cords to create vibrations and make words. After learning and discussing our sound source and sound receivers, Third Graders played a game of telephone to put these tools into action. We also learned about different animals’ sound sources and sound receivers. Insects, snakes, and fish were the most different and interesting ones! Ask your child how a fish detects vibrations.


Third Graders were thrilled to get their iPads this week! At The Cooper School, students receive their own personal iPad in Third Grade that they will keep through Fifth Grade. When they graduate, they get to take the iPad with them. At The Cooper School, iPads are used for research and presentation during our project-based learning units.  Each child/family is asked to sign an iPad contract stating that these iPads will be used for educational purposes and not for games. Please make sure that your child has returned this contract to school!

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, September 28th   Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Monday, October 9th             Columbus Day, No School
  • Tuesday, October 10th          Fall Break, No School
  • Tuesday, October 31st          Halloween, 11:30 Dismissal