The Cooper School Daily

Drama filled week!

Newsletter Week 5


 This week students have enjoyed the Charleston Stage actors instructing them in drama. Every day this week, students have been working on producing small films based on poems and books. The students have worked on collaborating as a group, using dramatic actions and expressions while producing their films. Drama will be integrated throughout the year in Vocabulary, Reading and various other projects. Ask your child what their part was in the film!


Fifth graders have been having a blast in Music this year! Ms. Hazel has split our class into two groups. The students have enjoyed learning new songs and working in either the classical or pop ensembles. Students are collaborating to teach everyone in their group “Count on me” by Bruno Mars and “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles. Ask your child what ensemble they are in?




 We have begun Unit 2 in Math and the students will be focusing on estimation, addition, and subtraction of decimals, and strategies of multiplication. Friday, students played math games in groups of three practicing their skills in adding and subtracting decimals. Next week, we will focus on different strategies of multiplying whole numbers and decimals. You can have your child demonstrate one of the strategies they learned or teach you how to play one of games!




Important Dates

 October 9th & 10th –Fall Break

October 23rd– 11:45am- Parent Lunch

October 31st– Halloween Carnival