The Cooper School Daily

4th Grade News!!


This week in Fourth Grade students worked extensively on long division. They began by dividing three digit numbers by one digit numbers and have excelled at working on dividing single digits into four digit numbers.  


Students continued working on poetry this week and began by writing rough drafts of their poems after brainstorming ideas. On Wednesday, they chose a couple of poems that they were most proud of and typed them on their computers. Each student is going to have two poems completed and typed in order to submit them for this year’s “Pass It On” book of poems.

Social Studies

Fourth Grade has continued our unit on European Explorers for social studies. On Tuesday each student chose a specific explorer to write about for their research papers. They began their research by typing basic facts about their explorers including date of birth, date of death, their country of origin, and the areas of the world that they discovered and explored. 
Important Dates:
-March 28th to April 1st- Spring Break