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4th Grade News!


Fourth Graders have been talking about persistence. We’ve learned that persistence means to push through, even when the task may be difficult. Students gave examples of how they have used persistence in the classroom. One example was being persistent and not giving up when learning something that was challenging. Another example that was given was when writing a research paper, you must be persistent and continue until you finish. The Fourth Graders have proven themselves by pushing through all year. We are so proud of them!

Reading & Writing Workshop

Fourth Graders have been very busy with reading and writing LOTS of poetry.  This week, students finished up their poetry muse slideshows that inspired them to be better writers. The students spent time reading many of their muse’s poems and learned about their muse’s life. The students were asked to choose their favorite poem by their muse and spend time studying it.  Fourth Graders used their poetry craft tools to write a poem similar to their muse’s poem.

Pass it On

Each year during our poetry unit students write a lot of poetry. Towards the end of the unit, students choose 2 of their favorite poems that are published in the TCS Pass it On poetry publication.  In addition to the two poems, students are allowed to submit a Tribute Poem based on the student chosen charity.  This year, TCS chose Save The Children as the charity.  Out of all of the Tribute poems submitted by the students, the top three Tribute poems were chosen from our Fourth Grade Class!!  Through Their Eyes, written by Porter LeBoeuf, Glimpses of Life, written by Hayes Berry and No String, written by Zoey Fetsch. The school read all three Tribute poems and voted for their favorite.  Glimpses of Life, by Hayes Berry is the winning writer for the TCS 2022 Tribute Poem!  We are so proud of all of our students in Fourth Grade!!  Please join us on May 12th to hear all students share their amazing poems at our Pass it On Event.

Important Dates

April Break – April 15-April 18

Art Show – April 22 – 8:00am

TCS Auction – April 28th

Pass it On – May 12th