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4th Grade News

Title: Fourth Grade News!

Social Studies

On Monday we began our social studies unit on European Explorers. Students labeled the various countries and bodies of water on a map of Europe and are now learning about the five different biomes that are found in the continent including grasslands, mountains, wetlands, temperate forests, and polar regions. Students will learn about the various significant European explorers next week.


Students recently learned about quotation marks and where to place them when writing dialogue. They also learned how they are placed around the titles of songs, stories, and poems. On Thursday, they completed a worksheet on adjectives and learned how they are used to describe nouns.


In reading, students continued to read their mystery books as we wrapped up our unit.  Next week we will begin our unit on poetry in both reading and writing. On Thursday students continued to work on their mystery stories and we finished “Any Which Wall” by Laurel Snyder for real aloud.

Important Dates:

-March 7th and 8th- Student Conferences

-March 28th to April 1st- Spring Break