The Cooper School Daily

4th Grade Optimism!

Symbolism in Poetry 

This week, 4th Graders wrapped their minds around the concept of symbolism in poetry. Our budding poets have loved diving into the poetry units for reading and writing. The topic of symbolism in poetry took center stage. Students threw ideas around as a group and used examples in their own lives to come up with descriptions of the word. At first, concrete examples were a popular discussion piece but then the conversation took on a new meaning when we introduced deeper symbolic references such as doves symbolizing peace and red roses symbolizing love. Scholars moved away from concrete ideas and shared familiar universal symbolic examples. As students continue to read from Heartbeat in poetry, they are encouraged to identify symbolic meanings. Please ask your child to give you an example of symbolism. 

Riveting Centers 

Centers this week centered around Planets, Fingerprinting and Poetry! One group focused on making their own fingerprints in honor of wrapping up the Mystery unit. Students studied the eight most common fingerprints and then created their own fingerprints by using pencils, tape and paper. Another Center focused on researching planets on NASA for Kids website and answering questions to help them understand the complexities of our solar system. Our final Center was dedicated to poetry where 4th Grade poets could free write poetry with the help of their imagination! Please ask your child about a highlight from Center time. 

Turn on the Light Please 

Optimism and Science can go hand in hand. Students have been focusing on shadows and light during our Sun, Moon and Stars unit while thinking about optimism in our SEL unit. Why not combine the two! Scholars put on their optimistic lenses and zoomed in on how light, created by the Sun can also symbolize hope and optimism in life, whereas shadows might symbolize the contrary. Students were encouraged to ponder this question: “Where there are shadows sometimes in your life, how do you focus on the surrounding light?” Students chimed in and discussed applying optimistic thinking when they tackle certain challenges in school and in life. Our forward thinkers reflected upon thinking optimistically about upcoming events in their life with their families. Please ask your child what optimism means to them.  

Important Dates:

Saturday, 3/14 Spring Planting Party

Monday-Friday, 3/23-3/27 Spring Break (No School) 

Tuesday, 4/7 MS Information Session 

Friday-Monday, 4/10-4/13 April Break (No School) 

Thursday, 4/23 Spring Auction