The Cooper School Daily

4th Grade Scientists!

The Benefits of Choir are Something to Sing About! 

What a joy it was to hear The Cooper School Choir perform at The Circular Congregational Church, in honor of Valentine’s Day! Fourth Graders have been practicing hard and couldn’t wait to sing for their families and the TCS community. Students have enjoyed rehearsing together since it creates a sense of teamwork and has a positive effect on their well being. The powerful combination of music and education came alive this week. Please ask your child about their experience. 

Science Scent Lab 

We are wrapping up the Human Body unit in Science and our curious scientists explored the five senses and honed in on their powerful sense of smell. Investigators participated in a scent lab with essential fragrances with the labels covered.  Each science group was responsible for smelling each bottle and recording data. The data included three main components, which included recording if the oil fragrances evoked a specific memory, since smells are directly linked to memory recall. Students recorded what the oils smelled like. For example: orange or cinnamon. Lastly, scholars recorded if the scents were light or strong smelling. At the conclusion of the lab. Each label was removed and scientists erupted in cheers if they identified the scent correctly. Please ask your child about a highlight from the scent lab. 

Elementary for 800, Please!

Our Fourth Graders jumped at the opportunity to participate in Vocabulary Jeopardy! This clever game combined math skills, vocabulary comprehension, teamwork and patience, while learning their vocabulary words for the week. What a powerful combination! The class divided into two groups and the game commenced. Each team picked a pocket from the Jeopardy game board, which contained points. 1000 points was the highest either team could earn. Teams would take turns picking one of three categories: Finding the synonym, using the word in a sentence, or defining the word. The riveting game proved to be a success among both competitive teams. Jeopardy is a wonderful method of delivering educational content to classroom learners. Please ask your child which vocabulary word was the most challenging to use in a sentence! 

Important Dates 

Monday, 2/17 February Break-No School 

Wednesday, 2/19 St. Andrew’s Gym Trip 8:30-9:15am

Thursday, 2/20 4th Grade Social 3:00-4:00pm

Thursday, 2/20 Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner 6pm-7pm