The Cooper School Daily

4th Graders In Motion!

Organized Sports!

Our 4th Graders have had a wonderful time engaging in organized sports at the St. Andrew’s Gymnasium with their 5th Grade peers, over the past few months. Our students have engaged in purposeful athletic activities, which involved using specific muscle groups, improving coordination skills, increasing agility skills, demonstrating healthy sportsmanship, and much more. A few fan favorite games included the Bowling Pins Game and Octopus Tag. 4th Graders showcased upper body strength when they used the giant parachute that involved multiple team players. Please ask your child about their favorite game at the gymnasium. 

It’s all about the Sun, Moon, and Stars! 

“Each day of our lives, something utterly wonderful happens that most of us take for granted. The Sun comes up, and the Sun goes down.” We are starting the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit in Science! Our scientists have already started discovering interesting facts about the Sun by identifying its path across the sky and the pivotal role the Earth plays as it rotates around the Sun. Our first investigation involved tracking the Sun’s position throughout the day, using cardinal directions on a compass. They learned all about objects in the sky and how people retrieve information about things they discover. Our second investigation of the Sun will involve shadow tracking! Please ask your child what they are most looking forward to learning in the new science unit. 

4th Grade Social!

What a fun filled 4th Grade Social this week! Students were excited to learn about the 4th Grade Social where they were going to play cool board games, listen to music and eat delicious food with their 4th Grade peers. It was a time for us to bond and to share moments together. Students were encouraged to bring in their favorite board games from home, which included; Twister, Telestrations, Genius Square, Life and many more. Please ask your child about a highlight from this cherished event. 

Important Dates: 

Monday, 3/2 Student Led Conferences 

Tuesday, 3/3 Student Led Conferences 

Saturday, 3/14 Spring Planting Party

Monday-Friday, 3/23-3/27 Spring Break (No School)