The Cooper School Daily

October 16th-20th

Publishing Party, Parent lunch and Movie Night! What a fun week we’ve had in 5th grade!


Students have taken the final assessment for the Models and Designs Unit. The assessment included a performance assessment of a black box. Students used a paper clip to determine the position of the objects inside the box. The test included information that has been taught over the past 8 weeks. Also, students have chosen independent design projects including blueprints, doorbell models, boat models and research projects. Students had a blast choosing their independent project and presenting them to the class!


Reading Buddies

Students were preparing for the Halloween Carnival during centers this week. On Wednesday, we paired up with Kindergarten for reading buddies. Fifth Graders read a Spooky Halloween story to their buddy and then together they wrote a Spooky story the Halloween Carnival Contest. Students used their knowledge of story writing to teach Kindergarten students about setting, characters and plot. Make sure you check out the stories at the Carnival!



We have begun our second unit of writing: Memoir. Students will be using their knowledge of Narrative Writing to create Memoirs. Students were lucky to have a Memoir author come in to do a special Writing Workshop Thursday and Friday. Cinelle Barnes (Kindergarten Parent and memoirist) helped the students generate ideas for their Memoir writing. The students used their five senses to bring forth memories of their past. Students took turns smelling different candles using their sense of smell to stimulate memories. It was fun to have a published author in our classroom! Monday, we will have another guest Marcus Amaker, poet laurate of Charleston!


Important Dates

 Tuesday, October 31st -Halloween Carnival ½ Day- 8am set-up

Monday, November 13th & 14th – ½ day- Conferences

Tuesday, November 14th – ½ day- Conferences