The Cooper School Daily

Marcus Amaker & Cinelle Barnes! Guest Writers Galore!

Social Studies

Students have begun our Social Studies unit on U.S. History. Students will be covering topics from the forming of the Constitution to the post-Civil War era. This week we covered the forming of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812 and the Industrial Revolution. During this Social Studies time, students have the opportunity to view small video clips, read excerpts from essays and then answer comprehension questions. Students have vast enrichment options to play on their IPad after they answer the questions. Students are encouraged to play these Enrichment games at home.

They can all be found on the website:

Ask your student what new facts they have learned!

Reading Workshop

Students have begun another book! This book is a memoir. Our reading and writing units are very interconnected this week. Students are reading The Boy who Harnessed the Wind, a memoir of a boy in Africa who created electricity for his village. Students were introduced to the book by watching a TedTalk. Click on this link to check it out:

While reading this memoir, students will be gathering traits of the memoir genre such as first-person point of view, embellished dialogue, and authors purpose. The students have enjoyed using the traits of a memoir in their own writing during Writing Workshop. Students were lucky to have memoirist, Cinelle Barnes, back in our classroom for two days for more memoir guidance. Talk to your child about their memoir topic!


This week, students have been introduced to angles, triangles and circles. We reviewed playing Simon says by creating acute, obtuse and straight angles with our arms.  Also, students have learned new vocabulary such as adjacent angles and vertical angles. This week we have used both half-circle and full circle protractors to measure angles. Students used compasses to investigate circles and create definitions for radius and diameter. On Friday, students played Angle Tangle and Triangle Sort to practice their new found measuring skills.


Important Dates

Tuesday, October 31st -Halloween Carnival ½ Day- 8am set-up

Wednesday, November 8th– TCS Picture Day

Monday, November 13th – ½ day- Conferences

Tuesday, November 14th – ½ day- Conferences