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5th Grade Ambassadors!


When you want to move somewhere, you probably stand up and use those muscular legs to transport yourself!  But what if you were a rock?  How exactly would you get to a new location?  After studying how large rocks break into smaller rocks for a couple weeks, your scientists have moved on to asking how these smaller rocks then move from one place to another.  With the use of a stream table model, 5th graders investigated the movement of sand and silt under a normal rain condition.  We noticed a couple of things!  First, we noticed that the lighter material, silt, was picked up first by the water and moved farther than the sand.  Then, we noticed that the water created valleys, canyons, and alluvial fans in our earth material.  Next week we will look at how earth materials move during a flood situation!

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Your fifth grade mathematicians continue to work like middle schoolers as they expand their use of algebraic expressions.  Now that they have a strong understanding of what an algebraic expression is, they applied this knowledge to real world situations in the form of rules and formulas.  One formula we used was a way to predict when Old Faithful Geyser would erupt.  After using the formula to calculate certain values, your bright students graphed these values on a two-coordinate grid.  Creating a line graph allowed them to make predictions for a variety of scenarios.  We practiced this skill over and over again using different formulas and graphing our results.  Ask your child what they find interesting about algebra!

5th Grade Ambassadors

As the school year comes closer to the end, we have spent some time reflecting on our time here at The Cooper School.  One thing I believe this group of 5th graders has done well is represent this school as ambassadors.  An ambassador is someone who acts as a representative or promoter.  I have seen them do this through their close relationships with younger students, their willingness to volunteer at special events like the Green Fair and Stem Festival, and their thoughtful participation in Whole School Morning Meeting.  They are now working towards putting on an amazing Field Day for the rest of the school.  Although this can be very fun at times, it is also a lot of hard work and requires a level of selflessness.  You should be very proud of your 5th Grade Ambassadors!

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Important Dates
Friday, May 20 – Kayaking/SUP Study Trip 11:30 – 2:30
Friday, May 27 – Kayaking/SUP Study Trip 11:30 – 2:30
Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day, No School
Thursday, June 2 – Graduation, 11:30 Dismissal
Friday, June 3 – Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal