The Cooper School Daily

March 5-9


Students did a wonderful job with conferences on Monday and Tuesday! Students worked very hard to prepare for their conference to show you what they have accomplished so far, this year. The work they have done this year has prepared them for middle school in many ways academically. I enjoyed getting to see everyone at conferences and the Silent Auction.




This week, students were immersed into the world of poetry. Students began the unit by listening to a poem titled Dreams by Langston Hughes. This poem is the inspiration for the main character in our read aloud Hold Fast. Students shared their dreams with a partner and brainstormed topics that are special to their heart. Students were given time to free write poems on topics of their choice. It is amazing the poems they came up with on the first day! This year will be a special Pass It On publishing event! Ask your student what their poem was about!




Each week, students are immersed into a grammar topic. Students edit and look for examples of the topic in their own writing. Also, students read scholastic news each week to highlight and take notes on how the topic is used in publications. Students also use the scholastic news to do a word hunt for spelling and reading comprehension. Ask your child what the scholastic news was about this week!


Important Dates

Saturday, March 24th                           Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                               Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                                Return from Spring Break