The Cooper School Daily

Reflecting on a Great Week!


This week we have been examining reflections! Take a look in the mirror… seriously, go take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Your image should be the same size and shape of your own body, but there’s one difference. You are backwards! This week your investigators experimented with transparent mirrors to create reflections of various images. We learned that the original image is called a “preimage” and the reflection is called the “image”. After drawing their image on the other side of the reflection line, each student checked their work. They did this by folding their paper along the reflection line. If both images matched up exactly, they did it right!


This week students focused on the body’s muscles by creating models of the arm, leg, and thumb using craft sticks, rubber bands, paper clips, and rubber tubes. We’ve discussed how each material represents the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. We learned how each of these parts are connected and work together to make arms and legs move.


This week students put their test taking skills to the test! We spent some time each day completing the ERB Standardized Test. Much of the focus leading up to these tests has been on good test taking skills, strategies, and habits. Students have learned to pre-read, reread, and manage their time. Taking this type of test is a skill that students will have to utilize throughout their school careers. TCS believes that students need to become familiar and comfortable with the test taking environment and process, however we do not place a lot of emphasis upon the test itself. Fourth Grade’s favorite part was filling in the bubbles.

Important Dates:

May 20th                                         End of the Year Picnic @ Magnolia                                                                                            Plantation (3:30-                                                                                                   5pm)

Monday, May 28th                        Memorial Day/ No School

Thursday, May 31st                       5th Grade Graduation – 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, June 1st                              Field Day – 11:30 Dismissal