The Cooper School Daily

Realistic Fiction

Writing realistic fiction is a big draw to these 4th Grade creative minds. Their imaginations are running wild, but transferring that into a story for readers does not come as easily as students expect. As we have begun our unit on writing realistic fiction, students have learned that ideas for stories actually come from their own lives. They look at their surroundings and think, “What if this happened? Or could this happen instead? What do I wish happened?”  The next step for these budding young writers… developing strong characters and relevant settings.



This week during math, Fourth Grade practiced using rounding and estimation. Students learned two different ways to estimate, front-end estimation and close-to estimation. Students used these strategies to solve real-life problems. Our mathematicians were working hard at comparing multi-digit numbers up to the millions. Students were able to meticulously list U.S. cities by population numbers, which took great attention to detail. Their math skills are continuing to soar as they tackle complex problems.



Fourth Grade Wordsmiths love exploring and learning new words! Vocabulary Workshop gives students the chance to delve deeper into words they have known as well as learning new words. The highlight of the two-week study of twelve words is acting them out! Students show their deep understanding of words by portraying them silently with actions. Guessing also requires knowledge of the word meanings, as students must explain why that action connects to that word. 





Important Dates

Tues.-Fri. 9/4-9/7- 5th Grade at Green River Preserve

Tuesday, 9/18 Kindergarten Curriculum Night

Thursday, 9/27 1st-5th Curriculum Night

Friday, 10/12 11:30am Dismissal

Monday, 10/15 Fall Break