The Cooper School Daily

Boppity- Bop


Kindergarten had an exciting week filled with dramatic expression as they used their creative minds to act out skits and perform with our fabulous coaches from Charleston Stage! During drama, students truly enjoyed exploring their space with creative movement, playful songs, and imaginative dance (especially the activity called “Boppity-Bop” and “Baby Shark”). Ask your young actor or actress what they enjoyed most about drama class with Charleston Stage.

Animals 2 by 2

Young Kindergarten scientists were “thrilled to the gills” to meet their new friends this week. We welcomed our new goldfish and guppies to our classroom. Fish enthusiasts learned that goldfish come in a variety of colors; that they need water, food, and plants to live and strive; and the different structures of their body. Kindergarteners are excited to observe their behavior, create goldfish in art, and compare the goldfish to our guppies. Ask your Kindergartener what we named our new friends.

Honoring our Amygdala

Kindergarten students have been exploring Mindful Awareness during our Minds Up lessons this week. They have learned about the functions of the 3 parts of the brain- the hippocampus, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. This week, we focused on the amygdala and how our minds work.

Kindergarteners learned that the “security guard”, or the part of their brain that keeps them safe, is their amygdala. The job of the amygdala is to protect us and to process danger quickly and efficiently in order to keep us safe. When faced with danger, or a stressful situation, our amygdala tells us to fight, flight, or freeze. The Minds Up curriculum empowers students and provides them with the knowledge to understand how their minds work.  Kindergarteners discussed ways to deal with our minds when we have very strong emotions or stress. Students learned about calming techniques such as deep breathing, positive self-talk and shared their own strategies with peers.

This allows students to feel a sense of control and ownership over the decisions they make. As we dive deeper into mindfulness, Kindergarteners will build on what they know about the brain.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, September 27 1st – 5th Grade Curriculum Night
  • Tuesday, October 2nd – Kindergarten Curriculum Night
  • Friday, October 12th- 11:30am dismissal
  • Monday, October 15th- Make-Up School Day