The Cooper School Daily

Wonderful Writers

Students have been making progress this week on their fiction stories in writing. Students have developed their characters and have been working on their first draft. Students will be revising and editing their works in the upcoming week. Fourth Graders put on different lenses to detect certain aspects of their writing, such as setting, character and punctuation. Ask your child what their story is about.





Fourth Graders have been eagerly learning about the importance of self-regulation and what it means to be the boss of your body! Students were encouraged to share specific examples of self-regulating behaviors. Our class came up with a myriad of ideas, which included; being mindful of others, keeping hands to yourselves, and listening to one person at a time. These self-regulatory skills enable students to control their emotions as well as manage feelings and behavior patterns. Students took these mindful tips and applied them throughout the week.


Third Time’s A Charm

One highlight of the week was the introduction of the Triangle Breath, which is a breathing technique used to calm the mind and body. Fourth Graders gathered on the rug to embrace this unique skill. The Triangle Breath involved taking three breaths in, holding the breath for three seconds and then releasing the breath for three seconds. Using this technique allows the brain to essentially reboot and this can help students refocus and calmly approach the next activity. Ask your child to teach you the Triangle Breath.




Language Aficionados

Parlez-vous francais? Non, mi hablo espanol! Our Fourth Grade language aficionados have been very busy counting up to one hundred in French and studying the history of France. Their blossoming language skills in both French and Spanish are ways of strengthening their brains as they grow. The pure joy they gain from learning a new language is priceless! Ask your child to count in French or Spanish.



Important Dates:

Thursday, 9/27 1st-5th Curriculum Night

Friday, 10/12 11:30am Dismissal

Monday, 10/15 Make-Up Day

Wednesday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival – ½ day